How to change and hide your IP address?

Are you tired of being spied on on the web? Want to change your online location? Do the ads that retarget you annoy you? There are plenty of reasons to want to hide or change your IP address.

But how to do it? Is it complicated? We will explain everything about your IP address, why, and how to hide it to enjoy the Internet without inconvenience. A third of people use an iTop VPN to cope with this invasion. The latter allows you to regain control of your private life and browse the Internet safely.

VPNs to Effectively Hide Your IP

Not all VPNs are created equal, and not all will hide your IP address similarly in 2022. It will help if you bet on quality tools to protect yourself online. Otherwise, it becomes useless.  

What is an IP address?

First, qual é meu ip address (or Internet Protocol)? Is your identifier on the Internet? She will identify your device on a network to allow it to exchange with the web. With an IP address, exchanging between two (or more) devices connected to a network is possible.

When you connect to a local network, this identifier will allow you to navigate without difficulty while being identifiable.

You may not know it, but every website (which is hosted on a server) has an IP address.  

In addition, you should know that the is hide my ip is connected to a server. If several sites are hosted on the same server, they can therefore have the same IP address.  

Why would you want to hide and change your IP?

Now is the time to explain why changing your IP address can be useful, especially in 2022. It would help if you did not believe that all use the change of IP address to do dubious online activities. Some want to take control of their privacy, and the VPN will be an ally of choice.

Change your IP address for the following reasons:

Browse anonymously

Unblock geo-restricted sites

Avoid hacking

Download risk-free

Avoid retargeting and hide your IP

Below, we detail these reasons that may motivate you to change your IP address – or at least hide yours. These are five reasons, among many others. Everyone has different interests in choosing a VPN. With the latter, you can change your IP address with just one click. Thanks to it, you can deport yourself virtually elsewhere – in your country or another.

  Browse anonymously

The first reason has to do with your online anonymity. You have understood that your (unique) IP address identifies your device and, therefore, you when you browse the Internet.

If you don’t want your internet service provider, or even the sites you visit, to know who you are, hide your IP address, and you’ll be anonymous.

The IP that will appear will not be yours, and we will explain in the next section how to do it (don’t worry, it’s straightforward!).

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