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The basics of finding good sources

Finding good sources can be hard, but it’s important to do if you want to get an A on your history homework. There are a few things to keep in mind when looking for sources:

1. Ask your teacher which sources they want you to use.

2. Check the source for errors and biases.

3. Look at the publication date, authorship, and credibility of the source. Is it published by an academic press or by a company? Is the author credible? If not, why should we trust them?

4. What is the purpose of the source–does it support or oppose your argument (remember to make sure that both sides are represented)?

5. How accurate is this information–are there footnotes that give primary documents as evidence, or just secondary texts that refer back to other texts?

 6. Does this information come from primary documents like diaries, newspapers articles, letters written by witnesses who were present at some event (these are often called eyewitness accounts), personal interviews conducted with people who have personal knowledge about something, court records where people have testified under oath and much more (footnote these)?

How to take notes effectively

Effective note-taking is essential to understanding and retaining information. The following are a few tips for note taking in the classroom:

Write down the main points that the teacher says, rather than everything they say. This will help you organize your thoughts as you write them down, and it will also make sure you don’t miss any important information during class. Write notes in complete sentences. Paragraphs are even better because they are easier to read and understand when you go back to review your notes later. Write your name on every page of the notebook so that if someone borrows it, they know whose notebook it is.

How to outline your essay

The best way to write your essay is to pick a thesis, then plan the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. The introduction should introduce the topic of your essay and include background information on it. The body paragraphs should present arguments for and against your thesis. The conclusion should restate your argument and provide a final thought on the topic.

The importance of proofreading

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