How to Draw A Cartoon Volleyball

Cartoon VolleyBall Drawing

How to Draw A Cartoon Volleyball. Volleyball is one of the most popular games in the world, and it’s as exciting to watch as it is to play! The game is played with a rather unusual-looking ball with an unusual pattern.

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This can make drawing this ball a challenge, and that’s true regardless of whether it’s done in a realistic or more cartoonish style.

Learning how to draw a volleyball cartoon is such a fun challenge! It can even be a simple challenge when broken down into smaller steps, which is why we’re here to help.

How to Draw A Cartoon Volleyball

Step 1

Let’s keep it simple for this first step of your cartoon volleyball drawing! For this first part, we’ll draw a simple circle for the outline.

We can draw this in various ways, but the easiest way to do this is using a drawing compass. This simple tool makes drawing perfect circles a breeze!

You can also draw a flat, round object or draw freehand very slowly. However you draw this circle, we can start adding details in the next few steps.

Step 2

The hardest part of drawing a volleyball cartoon is drawing the pattern. As mentioned at the beginning, the pattern on the surface of a volleyball is quite complex.

Because of this, we’ll break it down into smaller steps. For this second step, follow the reference image we have provided closely.

As you can see, there is a more significant section on the left. There are then three smaller sections at the top of the ball.

Step 3

This third step of the guide should be another easy one. All you have to do here is draw a single curved line in the middle of the large section on the left.

This can be trickier than it looks; ideally, it should be smooth. Take it slow as you draw, and you will learn! You could draw with a pencil first, so you don’t hold to stress about bringing it right the only time.

Step 4

In this step, we will continue to build on the template for this cartoon volleyball design. As mentioned above, breaking it down into smaller steps is the way to go!

For this part, we will draw some lower-right sections of the ball. Here three sections are drawn with some curved lines. There is also a space on the left side of these three shapes.

Step 5

In this tutorial on how to draw a cartoon volleyball, we’re not going to draw just any volleyball! This one has some great facial details that are fun to look at, and we’ll start drawing it now.

Use some ovals for the outline of the eyes, then inside, you can use some circles for the pupils.

Finish off with some bushy brows and more line detail behind the eyes, and then we can add the finishing touches in the next step.

Step 6

One more detail that needs to be added to the face of this cartoon volleyball drawing is the smiling mouth. In the previous step, a gap was left at the bottom of the face, which we will fill in in this step.

Draw A Cartoon VolleyBall

The mouth is drawn with curved lines and a row of teeth at the top. After adding these details, feel free to add your own too!

It might be fun to draw a background as that would be a great way to work on some fun volleyball extra objects and features.

Step 7

You’ve reached the final step of this tutorial on how to draw a volleyball cartoon! In this one, we top off this fun volleyball character with a few colors.

Cartoon VolleyBall Drawing

In our reference image, we only showed you one way to colorize this image. We used light shades of gray for many sections and then added some shades of blue for the others. We also used blue for the eyes. These colors are suggestions to use if you like the look!

However, you are welcome to use other colors that you like. This is your design, so make it look exactly how you like it! Play around with your favorite art tools and mediums, as this can help bring your colors to life!

Your Cartoon Volleyball Drawing is Finished!

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