How APPLE changed the world of technology

The APPLE company was created 40 years ago and had a great impact on modern life with its devices that have different mode of usage.


The APPLE company was established 40 years ago and have a great impact on modern life with its devices. In its 40 years of life, it became a cult brand, their phones and the way they listen to music.

Like many Silicon Valley legends, Apple begins in a garage in the Californian city of Cupertino. The company was officially born on that site on April 1, 1976. 

How Apple transformed technology world

Long before touch screens for the iPhone, in 1984 when it invented the Macintosh computer. 

The Mac integrates an accessory hitherto unknown, the mouse or mouse. With this instrument, it was enough to click on the icons on the screen.

The instrument is much simpler than the computer, which used language that was almost incomprehensible to non-computer programmers. 

This innovative creation was followed by the iPod portable player in 2001. And the iPad in 2010, which began the boom in the tablet market.

Despite a brief attempt by Google to unseat it this year, the company remains the company with the highest stock market value in the world. But the road to get there was not easy. There were failures like the Lisa computer, before the Mac, or the Newton personal agenda. 

In addition, the company went through an internal crisis that in 1985 caused the expulsion of Steve Jobs, who was later rehire to save a group that according to some was on the verge of bankruptcy. 

And now it seems that the end of an era is coming since for the first time there is uncertainty due to the expected decline this year in iPhone sales, the group’s main growth engine. 

Many analysts say, however, that Apple is not dying but evolving, it is going from being a star device manufacturer to a firm focused on services (such as the sale of applications, online music and payment systems) capable of continuing to bring important and regular income to the brand.

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