Importance of SEO for your company

importance of SEO for your company

What is SEO, For a few years now, the Internet has definitely changed our lives . By clicking or touching the screen we have the information we need. Whether we are looking for data on a topic, or if we are looking for a service or product . It tells us, not only where to find it and which one is the most convenient for us or the one that best suits our needs , but also that we can acquire it, buy it or reserve it at that very moment.

The fault of all this is SEO, or as it is called in English  Search Engine Optimization . That is, the optimization of a website so that it appears in the first results of search engines.

Companies that are aware of this reality have invested their resources in SEO to be able to position their web pages , their products and services and, therefore, increase their sales, visibility, branding, etc.

If you are one of those who have not yet started working on it, either due to lack of time or because you think that this is not going with your company or business, here are some reasons for you to be truly convinced.

1. Your competition is positioned on the internet

More than 93% of people looking for products or services use Internet search engines . It’s easy, if your business doesn’t show up in those searches, you’re missing out on being found by tons of potential customers every day.

Developing a website where you expose your work, or an online store if you sell products is your new showcase in a world that moves on the net. Having a website is just the beginning, then you have to work on its content, the keywords based on your sector and your target audience, and develop a strategy to reach the top positions in search engines 

2. SEO is a profitable strategy

The profitability of SEO as a marketing strategy is very profitable. The vast majority of professionals in the sector are committed to doing SEO without any doubt. Not only for its effectiveness, but also for its profitability .

It is an affordable strategy that also produces consistent and effective results. Its strong point is that it can be customized for each company and its budget. The results will vary, being faster the more you invest or work on it, but in the long run and well worked, it always gives results .

3. SEO generates traffic

As I mentioned before. One of the most important parts of SEO strategy is detailed keyword research . They are the basis of everything. The analysis must be very detailed. To get a good audience segmentation and match the search intent of all of them.

By managing to reach that search intention, providing a solution to the needs of your audience, providing quality content and information that they are looking for, you ensure that the traffic you bring to your website is what interests you. It is quality traffic that also enters your website with confidence .

4. Makes your strong against competition

Although it is increasingly present in companies, not all do SEO, and many do not do it well.

A business that currently invests resources in improving its positioning will be in the top positions of search engines in a certain period of time. Being among the first is to succeed, and especially if you position yourself ahead of your competition .

5. Constantly evolving to give you greater opportunities

Organic positioning is a dynamic process that constantly evolves to always offer the best user experience and companies must evolve along with it.

The markets are changing, the tastes of users, fashions, habits, makes everything change. Therefore, a website, an online store, adapting to users and their requirements . If you remain static, you fall behind.

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