Must-Know Tips On How To Choose The Right Shoes 

Shoes are not only a fashion accessory, but they also help protect the feet against the risk of injury during daily activities. You can explore the country in a pair of shoes that are comfortable for your feet. Put another way, shoes that don’t fit or are worn wrongfully could affect your feet to tickle, hurt, and even harm your spine. Let’s learn with us how to choose the right shoes that are both beautiful and healthy!

Dangers of choosing the wrong shoes that you may not know

Wearing the wrong shoes will hurt your spine

The main task of shoes is to assist in regulating the mechanical force acting on the foot, thereby reducing foot pain and back pain. But if the shoes are tight, the blood circulation is poor, the nerves are constricted, and the muscles are tightened, causing the knee and ankle joints to work more than usual while you move. This will adversely affect the pelvis and spine. Therefore, if you wear a pair of shoes that don’t fit, even if a bit tight or too high, you can damage the “pillar of the body”! Don’t put your foot in the wrong shoes just because of your budget, utilize these discounts on shoes at to make sure you have the best choice. 

High heels: a double-edged sword

Someone said high heels are the greatest creation in a woman’s wardrobe. Yes, high heels not only create a graceful and feminine gait but also help women feel taller, more powerful, and more confident in work and life. However, fashion is not synonymous with healthy!

There are many studies that have shown that high heels are the number 1 culprit for varicose veins, scoliosis, bone pain, and muscle pain. Therefore, women should not abuse high heels, but should only wear them on special occasions, or important meetings to demonstrate the beauty and power of feminism.

Flat shoes, sandals, comfortable, comfortable sports shoes are the most reliable companions for normal days, especially on days when you have to travel and move a lot.

So how to choose the right shoes?

There are some tips you should follow: try on when buying shoes, and choose the proper shoes to confidently wear your shoes around the world. Let’s discover further how to choose the right shoes for your feet.  

Measure foot size

If the size of your feet is slightly different, choose shoes according to the size of the larger foot. You can put extra insoles on the other shoe for a snug yet comfortable fit.

Time to buy shoes

Our legs in the evening or after exercise will be larger than during the day. Therefore, go shopping and try on shoes after a workout or at night. You should also consider what time to buy shoes to save the most. We recommend these shoe stores so you can get Buy One Get One deal, and wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday shoe sales to enjoy amazing discounts. 

Shoe trying trial 

Try on new shoes and walk around for 15-20 minutes before deciding to buy. If it’s sports shoes, walk, run, or jump a few times in the store to make sure your feet are smooth and comfortable to move. For shoes that are used in special situations such as football or basketball, you need to bring training equipment when trying on shoes. 

Put on your shoes and bounce the ball a few times, or do a few push-ups to make sure the shoes you’re about to buy can do their job well. Of course, ask the store owner before doing this test. 

Choose shoes for the right purpose

Please “check” the shoes that you like carefully in terms of form/shape, size, color, and whether the sole is firm or slippery when moving. And most importantly, the shoes you intend to buy are not intended for use. If you buy shoes for a party, don’t choose styles that are too simple, or you can’t choose a 10cm high heel to walk every day!

Rule of thumb

If you choose to buy sports shoes, there is a rule to choosing the right shoes for your feet is to use your thumb to determine. A suitable shoe will have the distance from the toe to the end of the longest toe equal to the length of the thumb. This distance is enough for you to wear more socks, it is not tight, and there is space for the toes to move, not to be pinched.

Not too dependent on buying shoes online

Do not be soft-hearted when buying shoes online and order shoes that are not appropriate. You always have to read the size chart carefully, such as this Foot Locker size chart or the Tory Burch shoe size chart to give yourself the best choice. You can also shop at Torrid and apply the Torrid shoe size chart to make sure they fit your feet. 

When buying shoes, you must try them first, because each person’s feet have different sizes, shapes, and convex and concave soles. Style is not the deciding factor in whether a shoe fits your foot or not. That’s how to choose the right shoes for you.  Follow to update the latest articles.

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