How to draw a lightning Bolt

How to draw a lightning Bolt

How to draw a lightning Bolt. Lightning is a common phenomenon in rainy climates. A furious blinding flash tears the sky while the rain falls. With its pointed edges and vibrant, vibrant colors, it is easy to think that lightning drawing is almost impossible. However, you may be surprised that the drawing is less complex than you think! In addition, each step is delivered with elaborate illustrations, helping you better understand the process. With this complete guide, we are sure you can draw a proportional flash in a short time!

A flash drawing depends strongly on straight lines. Feel free to use a rule to help you draw perfectly straight lines quickly and easily. Take a piece of paper and your favorite pencil to start drawing! If you are there, prepare your favorite coloring materials so you can color the flash right after drawing it! You can draw many more characters like bow and arrow drawing, Anubis drawing, betta fish drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more cool drawings easy.

Drawing of Lightning Bolt

Step 1:

For starters, draw a straight horizontal line in the upper right corner of your role. So, from the left end of the horizontal line we drew earlier, we drew a diagonal line toward the left. At this point, you should have finished the highest part of the flash. The place where you start drawing is crucial. 

Starting in the upper right corner of your role, you will have enough room for all the radii because your form is typically diagonal. Remember that each line we draw in the following steps always starts at the end of the previous line. Remember this, and you can follow the instructions effortlessly.

Step 2:

Draw an upward diagonal line of the lower end point of the last diagonal line we designed in the previous step. Then draw another diagonal line emerging from the tip of the previous line.

Step 3:

Draw a short diagonal line to the upper right corner connected to the diagonal line we designed earlier. Remember that the structure of the connected diagonal lines should look like a continuous zig-zig line.

Step 4:

Draw a diagonal line down to form the bottom of the radius. At this point, the lightning should now be halfway!

Step 5:

Create the sharp tip of the radius screw, drawing another diagonal line down on the opposite side of the radius. Make sure that the end points of this line and what we designed in the previous steps meeting create a clear edge.

Step 6:

At the upper point of the anterior diagonal line, draw a short straight line toward the left side. It structures the first side on the right side of the flash, as indicated in the illustration.

Step 7:

On the left side of the flash, we left it high and then progressed down. On the right side, however, we will start the stairs and gradually pass. Keep drawing a long upward diagonal line that goes to the right.

Step 8:

How to draw a lightning Bolt

Draw a short line to the left, which is slightly diagonal. Once you have completed this step, there must be only one missing line to finish the shape of the radius.

Step 9:

How to draw a lightning Bolt

Now draw a diagonal line in the remaining space to finish the shape of the radius. As you can see, we now finish the lightning bolt drawing. Now all he needs is a touch of radiant colors to make him look like a glow as it should be! Now that we’ve got a lightning bolt, it’s time for the most pleasant part, choosing the colors and color of your drawing! Feel free to present your artistic skills and ability to mix and combine different colors at this stage.

The lightning bolt is often represented to have a white-yellow color, but it depends largely on the color of the sky when the rays reach. Draw the best party of your experience by choosing a unique set of colors and coloring the flash as you want!

Take your lightning bolt drawing even better.

Start a spark of creativity when we show you how to make this drawing with an even better radius! The lighting must come from somewhere because it will emerge from the clouds during a strong storm. For this basis, our first offer for this lightning bolt outline is to draw a scene to create the image more thoroughly. You can draw large clouds of storms that impose behind the radius. Another idea is to reach a lightning tree to draw and color certain fire effects.

These are just a few ways to draw a background, but you may think more! The drawing of the background will also allow you to add more color varieties later. If you’ve seen a lightning bolt, you’ll know it’s very bright, so bright that you can hurt your eyes. You should use the brightest colors possible for this specific lightning bolt drawing. You can use certain art tools, such as pens or colorful markers, to give your color choices an appearance of neon and impressive.

Contrasting this with darker colors to the background will bring them even more! If you added background details, you could use even more colors for these details. We worked together to create a lightning bolt in this drawing, but we could make it an even greater storm by adding other rays! You can add whatever you want, and now there are steps below. After understanding, drawing a huge amount of sun rays in the sky must be fun and easy. When they are colorful, this will make a captivating page! These are just a few ways to put your own time. It’s easy to draw, but now you can show me some ideas you can have.

Your lightning bolt drawing is complete!

I hope you enjoy learning how to draw a lightning bolt with this step tutorial. Now that you can draw a symmetrical radius, you can incorporate it into your perspective drawings. You can draw a lightning bolt in untouched landscapes to represent a dark time, or you can draw Harry Potter, a famous fictional sorcerer with a lightning bolt scar on their forehead.

We saw how you performed hard learning on drawing a lightning bolt, so you should handle proud of yourself! Be sure to show your illustrations by sharing them on our Facebook and other social media, such as Pinterest. We are sure your lightning bolt drawing is fantastic, and we can barely wait to see it!

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