Common Problems and Solutions of Laptops


I’ve repaired several laptops that are prone to accidental liquid spills. This is a recoverable condition in most cases. It is very important to respond to the cleaning process as soon as possible (before rust or internal soaking)! The following types of asus 2-in-1 q535 laptop can be damaged by fluid leaks:

  • Short circuit due to the conductive nature of the wet liquid (the problem may become apparent when the liquid is dry)
  • Short circuit due to dried liquid residue
  • Corrosion occurs (especially volatile with some acidic soft drinks – coke)
  • The electronic components are damaged due to the above short circuit

Possible Solution: Immediately after the spill occurs, turn off the laptop, turn the laptop upside down, and leave the unit upside down (drain) for at least 20-30 minutes. Next, remove any connecting wires, remove the power unit and battery, and allow the unit to air dry overnight.
To remove any liquid residue: Have someone remove the keyboard assembly and clean up the excess. It may be helpful to use cotton buds and distilled water to remove any contamination. If a corrosive (with Coke) side effect is suspected, gently rub any suspicious areas with cotton buds moistened with CRC or WD-40. Dry the treated areas so that only a light film of WD-40 anti-corrosion solution remains. When removing the keyboard, use a bright light and a magnifying glass to inspect the areas where the liquid has come into contact.

laptop shuts down randomly

This is often due to:

  • AC power adapter senses overload to drain power
  • Processor overheating due to internal dust buildup (fan off)
  • AC power adapter is unable to cope with normal power requirements (faulty power adapter)
  • Battery overheating due to internal battery failure or charge levels
  • Intermittent short circuit or open connection (check the condition of the electrical wiring)

On older laptops, the most common cause is poor cooling. Try moving to an air-conditioned place and see if that helps. Inspect areas near the internal cooling fan; See if dust fibers have formed. An easy way to check it; When the unit is on, feel the air flow from the cooling inlet – is the airflow too low? If yes, and the unit is at normal operating temperature, this may indicate that the internal cooling system is partially clogged.

Troubleshoot Laptop LCD Video Display Problems

Here are some tips and tricks for troubleshooting laptop video problems. Video problems within laptops are fairly common, and with the following tips, you should be able to locate and eliminate basic laptop video problems.

Laptop LCD screen is too blurry or too dark

Look carefully at the laptop’s LCD screen, and see if you can see a very blurry image. If you can, it may be that the laptop’s LCD cover close switch is stuck in the off position. In this mode, the backlight remains off, even with the LCD cover open. This is to save power when the laptop is powered on with the lid closed. Check the LCD cover close switch. It’s a small plastic pin located near the rear LCD hinge. Try tapping the cover key a few times to see if you can turn on the screen backlight. If that doesn’t help, I would suggest replacing the FL inverter board.

Laptop LCD screen is solid white or distorted

Connect an external computer monitor to the laptop. If the external display is fine, then you have a problem with the laptop LCD screen or the LCD cable connection. If the image of the external screen is the same as that of the LCD screen of the laptop, it is most likely a faulty video ROM, which means that the motherboard of the laptop should be replaced.

LCD Laptop Screen Model Assembly

Here is a simplified description of the basic components involved in a laptop LCD video display problem:
    LCD Connector: Video data is sent from the motherboard to the LCD monitor. The video cable also feeds voltage to the FL inverter board on the LCD panel
    FL Inverter PCB: This section converts a low voltage DC source to a high voltage AC, as needed to activate the backlight bulb. If the PCB reflector is faulty, the LCD screen will show a very blurry image on the laptop display screen
    CCFL (Backlight Bulb): When the backlight bulb is working, you can see the image on the LCD screen. On some laptops, the backlight bulb is part of the LCD assembly and must be replaced with the complete LCD assembly. Replacing the backlight bulb requires a specialized clevo pa71 laptop repair shop.
    Laptop Cover Close Switch: This switch is a small switch (mechanical or magnetic) located near the rear screen hinge. Most laptops will run in hibernate or standby mode when the LCD screen is off. This is achieved by interacting with the BIOS power management software of the laptop. This, in turn, is related to the Windows operating system.

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