How to Wear a Hair Band?

2 Ways: Wearing different styles of hair bands Wearing traditional hair bands Wearing hair bands can add luster to your hairstyle and also add points to your overall look. You can also view at asos discount code NHS.

Hair Bands can be worn in a variety of ways and are suitable for almost every occasion. If you want to learn how to wear a headband, read the steps below!

method 1

Wear a plastic headband. The plastic headband wraps around the entire head and can be worn in a variety of ways. Usually plastic hair bands are smaller than ordinary headbands, and they will hold your head tightly, so the shape is very good.

There are several ways to wear it: Wear it when tying a ponytail. Start by pulling your hair back into a high ponytail, and use hairspray or blow dryer to create a fluffy and playful look at the ends.

Wear the plastic headband 5cm behind the hairline and secure the headband with two small hair clips to prevent it from falling off.

Wear it with a low ponytail. Comb your hair into a low ponytail that is dragged at the back and wear the headband 9-10 cm behind the hairline.

Wear it when tying pigtails. Section your hair into a tight medium-height braid and wear the headband 5cm behind your hairline. This will look very cute and sporty. Comb the hair back with a hair tie and fix it about 7 cm behind the hairline, this hairstyle will create a noble feeling of curls.

Wear a jewelry headband. This headband works well with expensive outfits.Shawl-length hair or slightly shorter hairstyles are suitable for wearing jewelry headbands. Here are some tips for wearing jewelry headbands: If you have long hair, center your hair in a curl.

Slide the hairband to about 7 cm behind the hairline, allowing some of the curls to naturally cover the sides of the hairband. For shoulder-length hair, you can straighten it or let it air dry, then secure the jeweled headband 5cm behind your hairline.

For chin-length hairstyles, use bobby pins to create a voluminous effect on the crown, then  wear headbands.

If you have short hair, let the headband be the protagonist, wear it on the hairline, and let all the hair come back. If you have an inch head, wear the headband 7 cm behind the hairline. Don’t choose the kind of hair band that is too thick, otherwise it will be too much of a show.

Wear a double-strand headband. This kind of hair band is annular, consisting of two thin bands of the same color, which will go around the head. This headband will no doubt be a great addition to any look, but here are some tips for wearing it.

You have long hair, brush the tops of your hair to create a voluminous feel, then tie the headband behind your ear. If you have long bangs, tie your hair into a ponytail first, and put the headband behind the bangs to secure the bangs for a sloping effect.

If you have long hair, you can simply let it down and wear the headband 5cm “in front” of your hairline.

With this hairstyle, make sure that the back of the hair is not tangled and that the band is not wide enough to cover your entire forehead.

This is definitely a good hairstyle as long as you don’t fidget or keep adjusting the position of the headband. Wear a cloth headband. Can create a casual or avant-garde effect.

If you have bangs, let your hair loose and wear a headband over your bangs. Put your hair in a messy ball head, and wear the headband 5 cm behind the hairline.

If you have long hair, choose a hair band that matches your hair color the most, then let your hair loose and wear the band about 3 cm behind your hairline. Tie your hair into a partial ponytail and wear the headband 5cm behind your hairline. Buyers also check at boohoo discount code NHS

Wear a traditional plastic headband. The traditional plastic headband is very classic and will definitely add to your look. Generally, this kind of hair band has teeth and can be inserted into the hair, so you only need to push the hairband from front to back.

Here are a few ways to wear a traditional headband. Parting your hair, push the band 3 cm behind your hairline.

Make a low ponytail and push the hair tie to 5 cm asos discount code NHS. Tie your hair into a high ponytail and push the tie 7cm behind your hairline. Gather your hair with a small clip and comb it to one side in the bangs. Then wear the headband behind the bangs.

Method – 2

Choose a headband that fits your shape. While headbands don’t have to match your look, they should at least match your overall style and color. Here are some tips for choosing the right hair tie.

Wear the hair band about 2 cm from the hairline. Put the headband on your forehead first, then push it into place on your hair. Don’t push it too far or you’ll have to put it back on.

Push the hair band to the right position of the hair. Place the end of the headband behind the ear and pull it back a little to create a voluminous effect. Push the headband as a whole behind the ears.

Adjust the position of the hair band asos discount code NHS. Push it back a little bit to trim the cocked hair to make the overall hairstyle look more pleasing to the eye. Remember that you can only push back, not pull forward. Otherwise you will get a bulge and you have to do it all over again.

 Do it while looking in the mirror. Make sure the headband is in the right place and your hair is not messy. You can also visit at look fanatstic discount code NHS

6 Be prepared to adjust the headband at any time. You may need to constantly adjust the position of the headband. If the headband slips back too much, it will need to be worn again. If some hair is loose, you have to put it back in again.

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