Boat Parking Tips: 6 Things You Need to Know

Boat Parking Tips: 6 Things You Need to Know

Similar to the problem of car parking in a safe and secure manner, there is another problem of boat parking in Perth. A boat is something you are not going to use on a daily basis and hence there is the need for proper boat parking in Perth. 

While for many parking their personal boat trailer on a local street seems a convenient solution. But when owners opt for boat trailer parking on the streets and leave it unattended for long periods of time, it creates a lot of problems in the whole neighbourhood. 

In fact, in some parts of Australia, authorities have the right to impound boat trailers if found parking the boat on residential streets for more than 28 days. Well, if you own a boat and looking for a safe place to keep it, you can check some commercial vehicle storage in Perth.

Just search online boat parking near me’ and you will get some details. 

Contact some of the boat trailer parking service providers, know about their requirements and fee and you safely store your boat for days or months. 

But before you start looking for the best vehicle parking near me in Perth, it’s important to know how you should park your boat to ensure safety as well as longevity. In this article, some important boat parking tips will be discussed that when followed will help a lot in maintaining your boat trailer.

Here Are The 6 Boat Parking Tips That You Must Know: 

1. Always Inspect Your Vehicle Before Storage 

In case you have found a reputed boat trailer parking service provider and want to keep your boat there for many days, make sure to thoroughly inspect your boat. After using the boat last time, inspect the boat parts such as the seams, windows, doors and roofs properly for any kind of damage. If you notice any damage or cracks get it fixed immediately. This is important to keep the boat in top condition.

If you do not fix the problems before boat trailer parking, those issues will only get worse while in storage.

2. Properly Clean The Boat 

One of the most important boat parking tips is to properly clean the boat before storage. Before you start searching for ‘boat storage near me’, get your boat cleaned by yourself or ask someone else to do it for you. 

A dirty boat when stored for days will attract grime, dust, and moisture. Moreover, accumulated dirt and dust can cause huge damage to the paint, ultimately causing rust and corrosion. If the boat gets rust and corrosion during storage, you might have to spend a lot of money on maintenance. 

So, before boat trailer parking, make sure the whole surface of the boat is clean. Get rid of any kind of dirt and dust, from the exterior as well as the interior part. Make sure no kind of perishables items are there on the boat. 

3. Keep The Battery Protected 

Before you opt for boat trailer parking, one important tip that you must follow is to remove the battery from the boat. No matter how busy you are, removing the battery is a must as it will help in improving its life. 

Batteries present inside the boat tend to discharge over time, no matter how carefully you have stored your boat. To avoid a dead battery when you plan to use your boat again, get it removed. Keep the battery at home and get it charged from time to time, especially during the cold winter months. 

Make sure to store the battery of your boat in a safe and dry location.

4. Prevent Corrosion

Whether it is a car or a boat, corrosion of any kind can cause huge damage to the body. Hence, one of the most important boat parking tips is to take all the necessary steps to avoid corrosion. 

When you are planning for long-term boat trailer parking it is not possible to go and check your boat for signs of corrosion every now and then. To prevent the formation of rust and corrosion on the boat body, take necessary steps before parking. 

There are different types of boat protection spray available in the market. Buy one of these sprays and use it as per the direction. First of all clean your boat properly and then wipe down the whole surface with a damp cloth. Next apply a generous amount of the spray, giving special attention to areas more prone to rust and corrosion. 

5. Check The Tyres

Tyres are an important part of your boat and hence before boat trailer parking, you must check the tyres proper. 

Before storage, make sure the tyres are in good condition and well aired. Unaired tyres when stored for a long period of time can become worse and not suitable for further use. Buying new tyres can be expensive. 

So, to save money and avoid any kind of problem in future, check the tyre pressure and inflate all tyres to the recommended amount. It is even recommended to invest in tyre covers for extra protection.

When opting for boat parking in Perth, make sure to choose a location where the tyres do not get exposed to harsh UV rays.

6. Keep The Boat Properly Covered 

Even if the boat trailer parking space is well covered, it is a good idea to invest in an all-weather cover for your boat. This will offer extra protection to your boat during the storage period. 

An all-weather cover will help in preventing any dirt and dust from getting accumulated on your boat while parked in the parking storage area for a long period of time. It will even prevent the boat from fading and sun damage.

When buying all-weather cover for your boat, make sure to get the right size to cover the entire boat. Too big or too small should be avoided. This is one of the most important boat parking tips. 


If you own a boat and looking for ‘boat parking near me’, make sure to choose the best vehicle storage in Perth that delivers many benefits of boat parking to you. Boat parking in Perth in a safe and secure manner is possible but make sure to follow the above mentioned boat parking tips to extend the life of your boat.

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