DocuTap EMR: Features, Pricing, Demo and Comparison

You should be familiar with the features you need to find in an electronic medical record (EMR) system before you consider investing. There are many options available and you might be confused if you don’t know what you are looking for. The software might not recognize payments from different entities, so requests may get lost as they move to the next level.

It integrates revenue management

The software integrates revenue management, practice management and electronic medical records in one software solution. The web-based, customizable workflow makes it easy to manage your practice. Multiple staff members can work on the same note. You can also manage patient data.

DocuTAP EMR automates revenue cycle management, reduces human error, and increases patient satisfaction. It is easy to use and provides comprehensive functionality for all specialties. It can be used to manage session notes, scheduling, billing, and many other functions.

It integrates patient education

DocuTAP, a web-based EMR, integrates patient education and revenue cycle control. It can be used in a wide range of medical practices including pediatrics, family practice, urgent care, and family practice. It is tablet-compatible and features a user-friendly workflow. It has customizable templates and a charting module, which allows multiple employees to create the same chart.

Revenue cycle management becomes more important as healthcare moves towards value-based care models and payment models. To ensure compliance, it is essential to monitor costs, quality, satisfaction, and other factors. DocuTAP integrates seamlessly with revenue cycle management software (RCM). This allows physicians to keep track of patient experiences, and makes informed business decisions. It also offers tools that allow you to negotiate payer contracts, increase coding accuracy, and decrease the reimbursement window.

It integrates direct-to-pharmacy prescribing capabilities

DocuTAP’s eMR software provides physicians with a variety of features including revenue cycle management and patient education. It also has straight-pharmacy prescription capabilities. You can even create your own forms. The software allows doctors to create and manage patient records, as well as prescribe medication using one application. This ensures that every patient gets the best care possible. It is compatible with all types and practices, and allows doctors to create prescription forms.

DocuTAP EMR can be used from any computer, as it is cloud-based. It is HIPAA compliant, certified as Meaningful Use Software, and available in all 50 US states. It offers a user-friendly interface with customizable workflows that allow multiple staff members to work simultaneously on patient notes. It offers live chat, patient portal and billing functionality.

It’s easy to use

Once you are familiar with DocuTap, the interface is easy to use. You can customize your workflow and configure features. This will allow you to complete tasks quickly and accurately. The help desk can be reached quickly to answer any questions and provide assistance. You can also use its online tutorials.

This web-based EMR software integrates revenue cycle management, practice administration, and electronic medical records to create a complete solution. Because it is mobile-friendly, you can configure it to suit your specific practice’s needs. This software is particularly useful for urgent care clinics. It offers workflows and templates that are simple to follow and allows multiple staff members and patients to work on one note.

Another solution is:

ICANotes EHR for Behavioral Healthcare

ICANotes, a cloud-based EHR, specializes in behavioral health. It can be customized, secured, and compliant to HIPPA regulations. It includes features that allow clinicians to simplify their day, such as electronic document submissions and form completion. ICANotes EMR has an integrated patient portal, which allows patients to upload documents and view their medical history online.

The EHR is simple to use and requires no training. It is updated regularly to meet industry standards and include user feedback. You can customize it to suit the clinical environment at a specific facility. A self-coding tool analyzes new notes automatically to determine which codes will result in a higher amount of payment for services rendered.

ICANotes EHR has a wide range of capabilities that can be used by small, medium, and large teams. You will also find useful features such as Document Management and Patient History, EM Coding and Reporting and Analytics. It is easy to use, and it supports mobile devices.

ICANotes is the best behavioral health EHR today. It features an integrated billing system, document management, communication, and a customizable scheduling system. These features allow behavioral health professionals to quickly diagnose and document patient information. ICANotes regularly updates its website in order to include feedback from customers.

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