How to add picture in fb comment?

Whether you want to connect with customers, spread your brand, create a trend or share a photo after an event. Your Facebook business page should be an important tool in your advertising and marketing toolbox. With these five tips, this powerful program will give you the power to spread the word. Raise awareness and achieve only your goals

1. Create and give a special name on picture fb comments, you can do it at and select your business page (not your personal profile) from the drop down list. This unique name is also used for your special Facebook URL. Likewise, your choice of name is the same. Once selected, you can no longer edit. So check carefully for errors.

2. Interactive Facebook Application Integration Facebook has over 550,000 powerful applications, many of which help you promote your website and content through your Facebook business page. Here’s my top five: networking blog, static FBML (Facebook HTML), promotions. , Slideshare and testimonials.

3. Enable the Like Button plugin on your website. To encourage blog fans and website visitors to follow you on Facebook, add the Facebook Like plugin to your website. This button is a single line of generated code. This allows people to share your content with their network of friends. When you click the Like button, the story will appear in the user’s friend’s news feed with a link to your site. By granting more rights to the content published on Facebook

4. You don’t limit your lover. Locking your page to limit processing time will make your page less fun and less interactive for people. Let people post to your wall, add photos and tags, embed videos, and comment on your posts and other fan-created posts.

5. Grow Your Facebook Page With Keyword Optimization It is important to remember that Facebook pages are indexed by search engines. This means public updates from your business opportunities page. Your personal profile (which is different from your personal profile) often appears on Google’s real-time search results page when a new update is posted to your page. Keep your important keywords in mind. Also, try to include images whenever possible — Facebook updates with images on business pages get 54% more clicks than text updates alone and 22% more than posts with video updates. Visit how to describe social media marketing.

For many small and medium-sized businesses or businesses, Facebook pages are constantly becoming their second home page. Using these standard methods to optimize your business pages can dramatically improve the visibility and accessibility of your data. Not only on Facebook, but also on the internet.

Use your fan page to your advantage to generate potential trends or prospects. Create a new alliance Start rebuilding your brand It must be emphasized, however, that Facebook, like any other social network, is primarily a social network. So don’t forget to be sociable and friendly. Don’t always try to promote your business and recommend it to friends. If your business is good enough and interesting enough. People will join

A Facebook profile picture will appear on the page as a 160×160 pixel image, 23 pixels from the left and 210 pixels from the top of the page. (above cover photo) Facebook recommends uploading a profile photo of at least 180×180 as it will be automatically cropped around the edge to 160×160. Any photo smaller than 160×160 is automatically scaled to fit the area. And it looks blurry – not good! Your best bet is to create a large square logo, such as 640×640 pixels (or as big as you really want). It automatically shrinks to 160×160. It looks nice and uncluttered and anyone who clicks on your profile picture will see a large image. in all its glory.

In late 2012, some users discovered that their Facebook profile picture had been mysteriously cropped. Even if it’s uploaded to the recommended size. If this is your case, there is an easy solution by hovering over your profile picture and clicking the pencil icon. From the drop-down menu that appears, select “Edit Thumbnails” and check the box. “Resize” Wow!

Free Facebook cover photo and profile templates for desktop and mobile optimization.

Cover photos you design for desktop viewers don’t look the same in Facebook’s default page view for mobile. Because the profile picture in the Facebook mobile app is in the middle. Although the cover image is still visible. 

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