Do you know snakes?

In the , snakebites from venomous snakes each year. Some of these people are killed because they are unable to identify the snake, but others are killed due to misidentifying the snake and approaching her on the assumption that it is safe to do so. Even ‘harmless’, harmless snakes can cause serious infections or allergic reactions in many people. If you have ever been bitten by a poisonous snake, most doctors will give you antivenin, the antidote to treat snake bites, to treat a serious snake bite. Any antivenin is created in the horse’s blood serum when snake venom is injected into the horse. So they don’t give you snake venom because if it’s not the right kind of snake it might taste like poison. They will give you poison for the kind of snake that bit you. So what if you don’t know which bit of snake you have? Well, they usually have a way of finding it by describing the snake or by the symptoms you experience from the venom, but not always. This is why it is very useful to get to know your snakes.

For those who live in or near wooded areas,

Swamps, or other water sources, knowing snakes indoors are amazing. Even people who hunt, fish, hike, camp and do other outdoor activities. Knowing snakes is very important. If you are one of the people above, take the time to study all the Sunshine Coast snake identification services in your area or at least learn the basics of distinguishing the venomous from the non-venomous. For those who don’t take time at all, if you see a snake, do like others and run as fast as you can. This can prevent you from being bitten.

Learn how to treat a snake bite

Australia is known throughout the world as the land of milk and honey. We are lucky to have a country with excellent beaches, premium forests, rolling landscapes and, you guessed it, seven of the ten most dangerous snake species in the world. Make our country one of the most dangerous places you can visit. Australians are used to living with these deadly creatures, many of which can be found in or around our homes, gardens or woodlands. Even around my own home in Brisbane City these dangerous creatures lie and play. We often come out to find something loose in our front gate.

Although not all snake species are venomous,

If you are bitten by a snake, you should always treat it as if it were venomous using pressure immobilization techniques. Most people in Australia don’t know what is poisonous and what isn’t, and in the case of a snake bite, a quick application of a pressure immobilizing bandage can mean the difference between death and just being sick. The pressure immobilization technique works by blocking the flow of lymph, starting in the toes or fingers and working up the entire leg. Australian CPR guidelines state that it is best to attach from the bottom of the bite, although this is likely to inject a small amount of venom into the center; it causes ships to fall apart and is not pleasant at all.

When you bandage the bottom of the leg,

 instead of going up the leg, we have a situation where it causes venous constriction and discomfort, so always make sure that the pressure exerted by the bandage is not greater than what you would interfere with injuries. Ankle, immobilize the limb with splints or slings and provide medical transport for the patient.

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