6 Instagram Story Ideas For More Views And Engagement

6 Instagram Story Ideas For More Views And Engagement

Once you’ve created an Instagram story, it’s most effective for twenty-four hours… but in net time, that’s a lot. Ask any social media supervisor who accidentally posted something: Every minute counts. Every day, 500 million users access Instagram stories. In this way, Instagram stories are an excellent opportunity for businesses (58% of users say they are particularly curious about a logo after seeing that they have published a story, and stories generate a quarter of the total ad revenue Platform ). little extreme money.

Whether you use Instagram for your business or just for fun, stories are an essential part of developing your audience. Posting a story is easy enough. But you don’t need visitors to just scroll through your stories — you need them to click that hyperlink button, take your survey, maybe visit your Instagram store, and connect with yourself or your new one. Follow on Spotify to watch out.

Here are 6 Instagram story thoughts you could emulate to create high-quality and we will also discuss how to increase engagement on Instagram.

Make a quiz about your content

Test your die-hard followers (and get valuable engagement) by using a quiz sticker and asking them questions about your brand. It’s a ridiculous way for your target market to get in touch with you as a maker – and answering a question efficiently gives all people a little boost of serotonin, right?

For example, New York Magazine created a quiz that is almost certainly considered one of its signature stories: you have to study the story along the way to get the answers. This is a great way to inspire Instagram followers to study the property (and hopefully other posts on the site as well).

Share content that inspires you

Whether you’re a commercial venture or an artist, there are ways you can find the concept somewhere – from a walk in the park, from an indie song to a groovy vase you just saw, etc. Sharing images or videos of factors that define you (and your brand, your brand) is a powerful way to convey real humanity to your followers. You’re not a bone anymore, show it. This style brand has shared images from the founder’s experience to the materials business – it’s exciting to see behind the scenes and now not just the very latest product.

Share a photo from another Instagram account

Normally it shouldn’t be about you. Sharing content from different accounts (with proper credit, of course) makes it easier to attract your first 250k Instagram followers with a more holistic experience, and can even foster some strong relationships with other creators. Make sure to post content that matches yours – it should be visible in the context of your own brand. For example, this sustainable swimwear company shared an educational (and uplifting) video about the Great Barrier Reef. It reflects the values of the brand and presents exciting and great content to its followers.

Announce a contest winner

Hosting a contest or giveaway on Instagram is a great way to help out followers, but you can also generate strong engagement while announcing the winners. Placing a contest winner in front of your memories is good for two reasons. First, it can help notify a contest winner that they’ve won, and second, it makes it possible to demonstrate the legitimacy of your contest to your followers. Finally, how many competitions have you ever entered and never received anything in return?

Non-winners (or those who didn’t participate in the first place) are more likely to enter the Destiny Contest if they’re reminded that there really is a winner.

Encourage followers to ask questions about your event

If you have an event, male, female, or online, you can create a bit of a buzz by asking your followers if they have any questions about it. It’s also a good way to gauge how well you’ve shared information (for example, if you’re getting a lot of questions about when it starts, you might need to check you’ve even posted that information).

Ask for anonymous questions or feedback

The internet can be an absolutely mean, highly annoying place, so make sure you’re in some great intellectual land as you embark on this kind of Instagram story polling adventure. The new NGL app allowed you to upload a label with questions that allowed anyone to post anonymously. That can amuse your followers and get surprising (and brutally honest) feedback. It’s also a way for your audience to ask non-judgmental questions.

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