Window films and energy conservation

Many today are jumping on the “green” bandwagon and turning to alternative energy resources, recycling methods, and energy conservation practices not just to save the environment but to save money. With so many great ideas out there, which one would you choose first to achieve the best results? The answer is simple, start with the items that affect your bank account first. This narrows the field, but what’s the priority? The car, the waste, the electric bill? One way that consumers can start saving money is incidentally by heating and cooling their homes.

Window film has been around since the 1960s,

 And has been named for everything from glass tinting to the purple wrinkled stuff you find on car paint protection film installation Alpharetta GA last year. Today, that is no longer the case. Film technology has made great leaps since the days of dyed films to metal products that are not only more energy efficient, but don’t discolor or shrink over time, come with wear-resistant coatings and can block up to 99.9% of UV rays intruding into your environment Personal. With the ability to return energy to the home, whether it’s for heating or cooling, window film can make your home more efficient and reduce the amount of money you spend living in a comfortable environment. How do you do this?

Many manufacturers use metallic films made of a variety of metals such as titanium,

 Platinum, nickel, copper, silver, and ceramics, most of which are composite alloys. These products reflect energy back into the home, the same energy you pump out, thus saving energy loss through clear glass. I know what you’re thinking. You say to yourself, “I have double gas-filled windows and they are the best on the market for power controls.” Right, it’s pretty good, but window film can make it even better. Most windows, even high-tech double windows, lose power. Window film acts as an insulating barrier to significantly reduce energy loss and increase the overall efficiency of window performance, making your HVAC system work less. Now that makes ppf installation Alpharetta GA film worth a look.

So how do you choose the right movie for your home?

 Leave this to the professionals. Window film installers are professionally trained to examine your needs and choose the right product for you and your home. This is a very important step as many homes today use double-pane glass and the choice of film is critical. If the wrong film is chosen for double glazing, let’s say a very dark non-reflective smoke film, the heat absorption level rises to a very high temperature causing stress on the glass. The end result can be a thermal break of the glass or a premature failure of the seal. However, the use of mineral films reduces the level of absorption to a comfortable degree and thus reduces the possibility of problems. I say reduce because there may be some hidden issues like a pre-existing crack or damaged seal.

Another advantage of having window film professionally installed is the warranty.

 Check with the seller regarding the type of warranty offered and who is taking on the claim if it is ever needed. Many give a “Limited Life Warranty” and handle the claim through the manufacturer, and some don’t. Make sure to choose the product manufacturer wisely. This doubles as for the installation company, too. Ensure that they have a long history with window film products and a good reputation with the ceramic window tint installation Alpharetta GA manufacturer. If there is some form of accreditation from the manufacturer to the installation company, see if they offer this on their website or business card. This indicates a high level of professional achievement in most cases. Also ask for references about other work they have done, both residential and commercial. Finally, ask the missing questions if you don’t know the answers. Knowledge is power and the masses need education.

The history of sunglasses and eyeglasses – from ancient times to modern times

The history of sunglasses can be traced back to ancient Rome around AD 60, when Emperor Nero is said to have watched gladiator fights while raising polished green emerald stones to his eyes, reducing the effect of sun glare. The first actual recorded evidence of the use of sunglasses can be found from a painting by Tomato da Modena in Italy in 1352, showing a person wearing sunglasses. Earlier, around the 12th century in China, court judges would wear sunglasses, not to protect their eyes from the sun, but to hide any expressions in their eyes as it was important to keep their thoughts and opinions secret until the end of each trial. These were flat slabs of quartz that were smoothly polished and then smoked to give a tint.

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