8 Superfoods for Gestational Diabetes

diabetic pregnancy

Diabetes: If you are one of those who have a weakness for chocolate crêpes with a double dose of icing sugar and you are pregnant or diabetic pregnancy. You already know what you have to do: you will have to control yourself a bit during these months so as not to gain extra kilos and take care of your diet.

We all know the theory, but in practice, we take some licenses. Although yes, we are consistent: if one day we have crossed the line, at night we try to compensate for our “sins” by taking only a piece of fruit or a yogurt to go to bed with a clear conscience.

But if you have gestational diabetes, there are no trade-offs. You will have to follow a diet and it is essential to exercise (under control). But that doesn’t mean you have to follow a restrictive regimen.

A Low Glycemic Index

In fact, there are many foods with a low glycemic index that you can eat. The key is that the number of daily meals and calories are well distributed and divided. In addition, with the help of a good nutritionist, you can adapt the diet to your tastes, so that it is much more appetizing. In this post we point out 8 highly recommended foods and some good ideas so you can include them in your menus. Are you in?

1.- Citrus: tangerines, grapefruit, oranges, kiwi… They are fruits rich in fiber, flavonoids –natural pigments with antioxidant action– and vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system. You can take them for breakfast, (the classic juice), or between meals.

Did you know…? 

If you can choose, opt for tangerines: their sugar content is minimal and instead they provide more fiber and water than the rest of the citrus fruits.

2.- Vegetables and green leafy vegetables: spinach, Swiss chard, cruciferous vegetables, celery, lamb’s lettuce, various varieties of lettuce, carrots… They barely provide energy and instead are rich in minerals and many beneficial substances. In addition, their nutritional value is maintained even if you eat them frozen.

Two very easy recipes:  in summer: gazpacho and salad; and in winter, stew, carrot cream and omelet. That easy!

3.- Whole grains: brown rice, oatmeal, whole wheat pasta… Why whole grains? Because they provide slow-absorbing carbohydrates, which help control blood sugar levels.

The advice: You can have them for breakfast, but look for specific products outside the commercial circuit that do not contain added sugars.

4.- Red fruits: cherries, strawberries and raspberries… They are refreshing, juicy and have a sweet flavor that will make you not miss the classic desserts.

How to include them in the diet? With yogurt, for breakfast or snack. You will become addicted!

5.- Tomato: It is digestive, demineralizing and has antioxidant properties

The king of your salads: Include it in all your salads or make it the main protagonist: have you ever tried a salad that includes different varieties? You’ll love it!

6.- Walnuts They help control the feeling of hunger, they are rich in omega 6 acids and provide an extra dose of magnesium and fiber.

Between hours: mid-morning, mid-afternoon or at night, as a snack. You can take a handful, about 5 or 6

7.- Yogurt and skimmed milk: There are many companies already researched and this one toys for babies also has very strong search for one or two yogurts a day are recommended for everyone because they are easily digested, provide calcium and help keep our intestinal flora in good condition.

When to take them? Breakfast, dessert and snack: whenever you feel like it.

8.- Oily fish: it is very nutritious and rich in healthy fatty acids, iron and vitamins. At least two or three times a week.

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