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If you’ve purchased an expensive laptop such as the MacBook is normal to be a bit anxious about the best method to protect it. Do you put a hardshell case on the expensive laptop? Does it affect the stylish look and feel that you’ve paid for? Perhaps a case, with an ironic twist, cause damage to the MacBook’s components?

I was faced with this dilemma in the summer following my graduation from high school. That was when I finally decided to spend the money I had saved from cashier jobs at grocery stores on the ultimate purchase and A 2017. MacBook Pro that I believed would see me through college and beyond. Despite the MacBook’s name as sturdy, the white laptop felt flimsy to my fingers. The next step was to purchase an over-all hardshell bag.

Casing the MacBook seemed like an obvious choice at the time. I was scared to think of my first Apple computer falling onto desks, bumped against books and sprayed with coffee. Even a plastic case that was flimsy could provide protection from dents, dings and scratches, and also peace of mind, wouldn’t it? It’s certainly superior to nothing, I thought.

When I took my MacBook to college, the cheap teal case purchased from Amazon was able to shield it from dirt and scratches for the majority of the time. However, within two decades, some major issues remained. The hinge started to become loose and every when I opened my MacBook the display would begin to turn backwards. When the neon pink bars began spreading across my screen I took it to the Apple store, and was told I needed to have an entirely new display. Whatever caused the display to be damaged It appears that the case’s hardshell didn’t provide much protection.

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A while later I came across some forum posts that suggested against casing MacBooks in any way. The posts suggested that cases can put tension on the display’s lower to the extent that it is half, weaken the hinge and hinder cooling mechanisms. Apple did not reply to CNET’s request for comments.

The thought of going case-free was a shock to me initially. What if I had to expose the precious MacBook to smudges on surface and unprotected drops? However, I decided to give the idea a go. Today the personal MacBook (now the 2020 MacBook) as well as my work MacBook are completely clean. It’s not been a disaster despite my concerns. The laptops are light and stylish.

In the meantime I’ve noticed scratches at the bottom. With the home-based world over the past two years turning back to work-from-home mode, I thought it was about time to look at hardshell MacBook cases a second look. Here’s what I discovered:

Mosiso case

The case is light -which is a good thing for the hinge of the MacBook. In this case the weight seems to be more an indication of thin protection rather instead of a sleek style. It’s able to protect against scratches but I wouldn’t put my money on it to provide greater protection than.

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The case snaps onto itself and appears like it’ll remain attached, however the fit isn’t great. The top anchors aren’t evenly cut, which makes the display part difficult to install. On the lower half there’s a significant distance between the notebook and case. The vents on the back appear to be blocked, which can cause excessive heat.

The color, however, isn’t as pretty as the color of cyan that is shown in the description. It’s more like pastel mint. It’s a plus that the case includes two beautiful keyboard covers. Unfortunately the color is a bit smudgey. The laptop also includes screen protector but what’s the use of screen protectors on laptops? The cleaning cloth included can be useful, but.

Fintie case

The Fintie Protective Case looks and feels like a more luxurious version of the standard hard shell case. It’s a durable polycarbonate that has faux leather-like decorative coating on the top. Small anchors hold the case securely on it’s MacBook without covering the speakers or taking over the display.

However, the durable material is not without a price it adds significant pounds to display. My personal MacBook Pro weighs 3.2 pounds on its own , and 4 pounds when the shell is fitted. I pulled down the display to a certain extent and the burden of the case pulled the clamp for the laptop to close. The long-term effects of this could not be ideal on the hinge.

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The cutouts were designed to allow vents to be unblocked to let the air flow in for efficient cooling. At initial the MacBook appeared to have plenty of space to breathe. After a few days of usage I noticed that the MacBook began to get more hot and was using the fan more frequently. When I removed it during one of its crashes the computer immediately slowed down.

While the faux leather does not offer much in terms cushions, this case offers MacBook an additional layer of protection against falls and scratches. The reviews who have reviewed it on Amazon are generally satisfied with the case, particularly for the price. The primary issue concerns the fact that the material used on the bottom of the case is brittle and weakens over time.

However, for just a few dollars over alternatives, this is an extra sturdy case that offers greater value. I’d say it’s the best budget-friendly option, despite its potential vent obstruction.

In the event of an emergency

Color me impressed. The case is perfect for my MacBook perfectly: It’s like the case is only a piece of the laptop itself. It’s no wonder Apple sells it directly from its website. In contrast to the previous two I’ve reviewed this is an item that can last for quite a long time.

At $50, it’s costly however, it’s worth the investment. The plastic here strikes a remarkable balance between lightness and durability as well as protecting the laptop without placing excessive stress to the hinges or the display.

When I carried my MacBook during a trip to Europe in the past, I put this case in it to check how it performed. I was initially worried about the laptop’s safety when I threw my bag under the seats of airplanes and threw it into in the city. My fears were not justified and neither the laptop or the case itself suffered harm.

The advantages of casing

  • A little security. While a case can’t make your MacBook entirely secure from swimming in the bathtub, it will give the device a little protection from spills and scratches.
  • Security. If you’re frequently carrying your MacBook from one place to another and back, there are plenty of chances to fall or crash it. It’s reassuring to know that in the event that your laptop takes the wrong turn, it’s secured with an obstacle to absorb the impact.
  • Personalization. A bright case can distinguish your MacBook from other MacBooks in the same space. This can be particularly useful in situations that has a large number of MacBooks, such as in a classroom, office or a particularly Apple-equipped household.

The disadvantages of casing

  • The computer is overheating. Most laptops employ vents to keep cool. When your laptop does not allow the vents then the laptop will be more hot, which could affect its performance. (But If you own an M1 MacBook Air, you do not have to be concerned about this as it does not have vents.)
  • The display will be strained. The top portion of the case can add weight to the MacBook’s display. This could loosen the hinge, making it difficult for the display part to stay in place.
  • The appearance of HTML0 is nastier after a time. A MacBook in its state of being is easy to wipe clean however, when you add cases in the mix, you’ll have to contend with a new surface that isn’t able to clean. I’ve observed that my cases have developed a lot of dirt, and they’ve began to lose their shine.

Other methods to ensure that your laptop secure

  • Instead, get a sleeve. While a hardshell case remains attached to your MacBook and a sleeve basically a carry-on case. It provides protection for your MacBook when it’s not being used, and can help you avoid the dangers that come with the shell.
  • Avoid drinking from open cups. I once fried my mother’s MacBook after knocking over a cup of milk. To today, I’m the only one to allow liquids that are covered (in bottles of water or the lid of a cup and straw) in my home.
  • If you have the keyboard cover, take it off it prior to you close your laptop. Many cases have the keyboard cover made of silicone, which is the same color as the case. It’s cute and also keeps crumbs and grease off your keyboard. Be sure to remove it off before closing the lid so that you don’t damage it.

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