How to Shoot Video With a DSLR Camera?

Even if you’ve never touched a DSLR in your existence go on, by the give up of this video workshop you have to be capable of choosing a digicam and shooting a few great searching video footage–now not too shabby, eh?

While Chris covers the Canon 5D Mark III, a lot of these concepts apply to mirrorless cameras and conventional video cameras as properly.

DSLR cheat sheet

Full disclosure: the Canon 5D Mark III isn’t a video digicam. It’s truly a still camera that simply happens to additionally seize video. But there are a few exceptional advantages to the usage of this digicam over a traditional video camera:

  • It’s small and truly mild.
  • Its interchangeable lenses grow versatility and encourage inventive and innovative pictures.
  • It’s easy to provide a shot with a shallow intensity of discipline (background out of consciousness).
  • It’s great in low mild and variable light conditions.

Video settings: body price and factor ratio

At Wistia, we shoot our films at 24 frames in keeping with second to reap a greater cinematic and artistic look and feel to our pictures. We file the use of the 1920/24/ALL-I putting.

This produces the very best resolution and highest excellent footage the camera can shoot.

If you’d want to shoot at a better body charge (to produce sluggish-movement pictures) search for the 1280/60/ALL-I setting. This will reduce the decision to 1280×720 but will seize at 60 frames in keeping with 2d.


ISO determines how touchy the camera is too mild. In a nutshell, the better the ISO, the brighter the picture might be The decrease in the wide variety, the darker the picture may be.

Use a high ISO (greater than ISO 640) if you’re capturing inside without a ton of ambient mild. Keep your ISO quantity low whilst you’re capturing in extensive daylight hours out of doors or underneath vibrant studio lights.

The truth that you could increase and lower the ISO is without a doubt, in reality exquisite. But as you raise the ISO, you introduce noise and grain in your image, so you’ll need to accomplish that cautiously. The camera’s going to carry out great on the decrease cease of the ISO range.


The aperture controls the quantity of light reaching the photo sensor. A better aperture (e.G., f16) manner much less light is entering the camera.

This putting is higher when you need everything to your shot to be in recognition — like whilst you’re shooting a set shot or a landscape.

A lower aperture manner mild is getting into the digital camera, which is higher for low-mild situations. Plus, lower apertures create a nice intensity of the subject, making the history blurry.

You want to use a low aperture whilst you want an extra dynamic shot. For example, we use low apertures like (f1.Eight) in our Wistia studio to create that classic shot.

When you’re putting in for a shot, maintain this tip in thoughts:

  1. The better the quantity, the greater your shot may be in awareness.
  2. With the decrease in the variety, less of your shot can be in awareness.

Shutter speed

In pictures, shutter velocity has a quite literal definition: It’s how fast the shutter opens and closes when you take a photo. When it involves how shutter speed is measured, a lower shutter pace (e.G., 1/50) means the shutter is establishing and remaining at a slower rate.

When your shutter is commencing and final at a slower fee, you’ll observe that your photo will be vivid, and fast-transferring objects can be out of focus.

A better shutter speed (e.G., 1/a thousand) means the shutter is commencing and closing at a fast rate. The final result is that your picture can be darker, and fast-moving gadgets can be crisp and in cognizance.

Although that’s technically the rule, it’s now not imperative to stick to it. We suggest prioritizing the aperture first, ISO 2d, and then the shutter.

So make certain that you discover the aperture that you want to use, modify your ISO as a consequence, and then wherever the shutter finally ends up ought to be desirable sufficient.

In this post, our video manufacturer, Trevor, explains similarly that you could use any shutter speed you need while shooting a video.

Think of shutter speed as a way to embellish or darken your video photo. But past just that, you can attain extraordinary looks with diverse shutter speeds for video.

A lower shutter speed has a cinematic sense and creates a greater herbal-looking motion blur. On the other hand, a better shutter speed will feel jumpy. The desire is yours!

White balance and shade temperature

Different light assets, like a light bulb and the sun, have very distinct temperatures. White stability quite literally tells your digicam the shade temperature of the light you’re shooting.

Try to match the white stability preset to the colour of mild that you’re shooting. For example, if you’re in wide daylight outdoors, search for the solar icon at

If you’re taking pictures inner under white fluorescent lights, use the fluorescent bulb preset. If you’re taking pictures with traditional studio lighting or halogen bulbs, search for the little tungsten bulb icon.

More resources for you

As greater organizations harness the energy of video advertising, knowing a way to get the most from your DSLR will advantage you in the long run.

We have a plethora of posts that may teach you the way to shoot video by yourself, shoot professional Instagram memories on your commercial enterprise, and even use a DSLR as a webcam.

Our hints are there for the taking. So, don’t be afraid to get out there and experiment with new gear. You in no way recognize how an easy video can positively impact your business!

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