What Is Physical Asset Tokenization? – A Short Guide

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Physical Asset Tokenization

Who doesn’t want to find a fresh, engaging method to interact with clients and generate income for their brand? To cater to that thought, you can always tokenize your physical assets.

Since Bitcoin is only a little bit more than a decade old. Currently, hundreds of digital currencies are in use worldwide. In short, we have only just begun to imagine what cryptocurrencies might be capable of. While many are still trying to get their heads around crypto and other digital currencies. We now have more on our plate that aims to provide a larger benefit. And, we are dealing with ideas like tokenization and NFT.

The blockchain explosion has produced both spectacular successes and humbling failures. Simply thinking about how functional it is might help you distinguish between the two before investing. Tokenization of physical assets. which connects the versatility of the NFT marketplace well with the value of tangible items, and is one of the most valuable blockchains used to date.

Any organization that understands how to tokenize physical assets will have greater options to raise money and produce liquidity. compared to those who only use conventional techniques. If a business is unfamiliar with this technology, where should it begin? To cater to that thought. Here’s a brief guide to how to tokenize physical assets.
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Can You Tokenize Physical Assets?

Answer this question with a very straightforward approach. Yes, you can tokenize physical assets. Instead, there’s a little list that includes most of the physical assets you can tokenize. Tokenization can be helpful for equity, funds, debt, and real estate. mid-cap businesses, financial firms, asset managers, funds, and stock exchanges. Almost all are already beginning to move toward blockchain-based financial assets. And, to understand how to tokenize physical assets, there’s a list of steps that you need to take. Keep reading to find them as well.

How to Tokenize Physical Assets?

Whether you’re dealing with a tangible item, copyrighted material, or an entire corporation. The procedure of tokenizing assets varies. These actions will concentrate particularly on how to tokenize physical assets and the prerequisites for creating and dispersing tokens.

Asses the assets

First, you must have a physical asset that you decide to tokenize. It may be a piece of art, a collectible, a tangible object, a valuable item, or even a piece of commercial real estate. Whatever the asset, it must be audited to confirm its worth and distinguishing features.

Pick a token 

Next, pick a token type that complements your assets and business plan as a whole. With their standards and trading parameters, service tokens, security tokens, and many others that you can create. All by using modern blockchain technology. The best and most efficient technology when tokenizing physical assets is NFTs.

Recognize rules and legal requirements

Complete your research on any governing laws that apply to your token and the physical assets again before you issue it. Which nations you’re living in can determine how it operates and how tokens can get issued may be governed by these rules. Take into account existing industry standards together with national and international legislation. This specifies ownership of assets and token distribution. 

Develop your asset white paper 

A document that is available to the public, the white paper describes how the project functions from every viewpoint imaginable, including technological, legal, economic, and others. The white paper has two goals: to increase transparency and to draw customers.

Select a platform for tokenization

Choose a tokenization service at this point that adheres to the various standards listed above. These platforms are “tokenization service” companies. They are firms that are knowledgeable about the intricate technical procedures involved in issuing tokens, tokenizing real-world assets, and facilitating trading.

Develop smart contracts

It’s time to build your blockchain-based contract at this point. You can handle most of these elements with a tokenization service. But, you must choose the number of tokens that will be distributed and how many totals. This is also the moment to choose how many smaller units will make up each token if you want to fractionalize your tokens.

Secure your asset

To assure its security and validity. The asset owner must turn the item over to their tokenization associate or a trusted third party in this crucial phase. In the best circumstances, the storage facility needs to be safe and environmentally friendly. The vault may contain important papers like property deeds in cases when storage is problematic—for example, real estate.

Give out tokens

You can issue and list your tokens. Most likely, it’s the issuance procedure, which you can use for internal listing or trade on secondary markets. It will be managed by your tokenization platform.

Asset Tokenization Platforms

Platforms for asset tokenization make it possible for people and businesses to produce digital evidence of ownership. This is for tangible liquid assets like money or real estate. These asset-backed tokens are distinct from crypto assets in that they have liquid value and real-world capital. However, we’ll be mentioning a few best platforms that we collected after exhausting our search engine.


It is beyond dispute that Bitbond has a solid reputation as one of the platforms for asset tokenization. The platform’s main goal is to support tokenized bonds technologically. Additionally, one should be aware that Bitbond’s clientele includes issuers, fund managers, and banks.


Until you comprehend Securrency’s capabilities. It may be overstating things to say that it is the most used asset tokenization platform. It provides tools built on the blockchain that suit broker-dealers, issuers, and other ATS operators. Users can issue, maintain, and trade tokenized securities with a great deal of flexibility because of the tools on Securrency. Surrency is without a doubt, the finest asset tokenization technology for increased levels of liquidity. You can trade digital assets on many compatible blockchain networks. That is, you don’t need to have great concerns about limitations to one particular ledger.

Tonkey Solutions

The Tonkey Solutions T-REX platform offers significant benefits for asset tokenization. It provides unique features for creating, controlling, and exchanging security tokens. The platform offers both ideal grounds for communication between issuers and investors as well as being appropriate for both. The T-REX platforms’ more noteworthy features, like the investor onboarding, reporting, and token recovery process, add intrigue. Additionally, the T-REX platform has functions for compliance enforcement.
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How Much Does It Cost To Tokenize An Asset?

How much does tokenizing an asset cost? Platforms for asset tokenization can cost anywhere from $30,000 to $100,000 or even more, depending on the tokens’ features that you select. Tokenizing the assets could take three to six months on average.


When looking for the finest asset tokenization platform, you may run into many possibilities. After blockchain acquired widespread acceptance, the practice of turning physical assets into digital currencies has begun to take off. Individual investors and institutions are learning about They enjoy the unique benefits of accessibility, transparency, and freedom from middlemen when managing their assets. However, there are numerous benefits, particularly for businesses across all market segments. As such, this is a quick, secure, and effective way to generate money for new initiatives. Plus, this will benefit a larger population.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t take asset tokenization lightly. And, this is where, before you take any step, make sure you’re backed by strong research and take your steps according to that.

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