The Revolution in Custom Made Product Packaging Boxes

Product Packaging Boxes

A revolution in the mindset of the people, who are manufacturing and producing different products across the globe, brought a significant and noticeable change in the way the packaging on the product was used. In the old times, the trend of packaging was not that common as the products were just made and sold in local markets to the local people in a very short interval. That is why the packaging never became anything more than a source to contain, protect, and preserve the product. The idea to use product packaging boxes picked up pace after the revolutionary events of both world wars. The world started shaping itself as a global village; hence, packaging started adding adjectives like communicable, promotional, and transactional as its purposes. Best seo company primelis

Steady development and innovation in the fields of chemistry and physics led to continuous growth in product packaging boxes. Both the consumers and the retailers felt the need for something that can protect their food items and other products from getting stale or damaged. Certain experiments and input from multiple people gave birth to the concept of packaging. The idea of encasing the items for their safety and longer shelf life went through a series of steps. These periods a divided according to the packaging styles that were introduced in them so that a gradual buildup of the human psyche can be comprehended thoroughly.

Glass Packaging Boxes

The use of glass as custom packaging starts its history in Egypt in 1500 B.C. and can be seen till the day. This material is easily customizable and can be considered one of the best packaging styles. Being used just to make items like pots and mugs at first, glass later proved its worth as something more than that. The freshness of the eatable item remains intact in these boxes, and their thickness prevents harmful bacteria from entering inside. Many famous beverage companies prefer using glass packaging instead of metal or plastic.

Metal Packaging Boxes

The alloy has the privilege of being the first metal to be made into a box. Later sheets became more popular, which further led to the idea of introducing refined metals as ways of covering the products. War times and food transport became an issue due to the lack of a safe and protective item casing.

Dating back to the 1860s the concept of printed metal boxing started stirring in the USA. Before that, between the years of 1200 to 1809, metal packaging was barely meeting its purpose of saving food items correctly when the need to enhance its usage became evident. After the 1860s, Custom product packaging boxes made their way into the market, and in later years, aluminum took its place as a more secure casing technique.

Plastic Packaging Boxes

Reforming itself from a sticky and cheap material to a more secure one, plastic was used by the companies as a wrapping material for multiple products. After going through some significant stepping stones between the years 1862 and 1920, plastic became known to the world in an acceptable and usable form. It took 30 more years for wrapping industries to start using this material as Product box packaging.

After the world wars, the idea became more active as trading between countries started taking place at a rapid pace. Towards the end of 1970, more production houses that produced plastic packaging started in every corner of the world.

Cardboard Packaging Boxes

Paper has been one of the oldest and wisest choices for item wrapping. The industries started taking more that Product packaging boxes wholesale need to be made in a form that can be customized easily. They also realized the way plastic, metal, and glass were harmful to both the health of the consumer and the life of the planet’s resources. Seas started polluting with non-degradable and everlasting material.

After being used as early as the 1st and 2nd centuries, Boxes for product packaging started being made with this material in the early years of 1817. The tradition reached England after following a route from China to the Middle East and then all the way to Europe where England took the privilege to design the first cardboard box as a packaging material.

It took further 30 years to completely refine the material and understand what more can be done to perfect the boxes that are made through this process. The idea of corrugated boxes popped up and was in use by the start of the 20th century. These boxes were cheap and light in weight, which made them a perfect replacement for the raw wooden boxes and huge crates that were used to carry the products around.

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