What Are the Differences Between Toads and Frogs?

toad and frog

In the animal kingdom we can find numerous species that are very similar to each other, such as the frog and the toad. Although at first glance they are different, they belong to the same family and have some common characteristics, so they are sometimes confused. Both species live in moist areas, as well as in lakes and rivers.

Toads and frogs: main differences

Toads and frogs are animals that we have seen countless times in movies and television series. It is important to know what the main differences between the two species are.

One of the easiest and fastest ways we have to know if it is a toad or a frog is by looking at its skin. That of toads is drier, rougher and rougher, while that of frogs is smooth and moist.

Frogs’ limbs are long, allowing them to swim at high speeds and make long jumps. The legs of toads, on the other hand, are shorter.

As far as habitat is concerned, toads can stay longer on dry land, away from humid areas. This is because they have more control of water in their body. On the contrary, frogs live in lakes and ponds, although they can go to the surface of the earth for food.

Another difference between the toad and the frog has to do with their body. While the former is thicker, more muscular and rounder, the latter is more stylized and slimmer.

There is something that worries a lot about toads, and that is that most of them are poisonous. In contrast, almost none of the frog species have poison.

And finally, regarding reproduction, toads lay their eggs in a row in the water, and frogs lay their eggs in the form of a cloud.

What are the similarities?

Now, not everything is differences between the two species. Both frogs and toads in Dutch verschil pad en kikker belong to the amphibian class and the anuran order. In addition, they live in a humid habitat, although the toads can spend more time on dry land.

In short, although both animals belong to the same family, the differences are more than noticeable if we look at some physical characteristics.

Frogs and toads may look similar, but they are very different. There are many physical differences, such as differences in skin, color, and body type. There are also differences in behavior. A frog has to be close to a body of water, for example, while a toad may be further away. Frogs also tend to jump higher than toads. With a little attention to detail, you will be able to tell a toad from a frog.

Look at the hind limbs. You can tell the difference between a frog and a toad by the length of their limbs. If you can get close enough, take a look at the hind limbs specifically.
A frog’s hind limbs are very long, as frogs jump more often than toads. The hind limbs of a frog are larger than the head and body.
A toad’s hind limbs are smaller, as toads tend to crawl. The hind limbs are smaller than the head and body.

Examine the legs. Frogs have webbed feet, as they spend most of their lives in water. They usually have webbed hind feet, and some have webbed front feet. You may also see sticky pads on a frog’s feet. A toad’s feet are generally not webbed and do not have pads.

Consider the shape. Frogs tend to have a slender, athletic appearance. Toads, on the other hand, are shorter and stockier.
If you see a skinny amphibian with longer limbs, it’s probably a frog.
If you come across a short, chubby amphibian with smaller limbs, it’s probably a toad.

Take note of the skin. The skin of a frog is much softer than the skin of a toad. The skin of a toad has a bumpy appearance. While a frog has smooth, rubbery skin, a toad may look like it’s covered in warts.

Look at the color. In general, frogs are lighter in color than toads. They tend to appear a more pronounced green color. While toads can have greenish skin, they generally tend to appear darker than frogs.

Toads show different shades ranging from dark green to olive green.

Frogs are on the brighter, yellowish side of the green spectrum. Frogs can be yellow to olive in color.
However, don’t just rely on color. Always consider other factors, as some frogs have a brownish-green appearance. More read for toys remote control toys

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