15 Benefits of swimming for physical and mental health

Lifeguard Recertification

The great health benefits of swimming with Lifeguard Recertification

1-Reduces stress and depression

First of all, any physical exercise releases endorphins, hormones that produce a feeling of well-being.

Studies have also shown that swimming can reverse damage caused by stress.

Another study of 100 American swimmers found that beginner and intermediate swimmers felt less tension, anger, confusion, or depression than before the sport.

2-Improves heart and respiratory function

Swimming improves the body’s resistance. Improves the efficiency of oxygen consumption by up to 10% and increases the heart’s ability to pump blood up to 18%.

Strengthens the heart and lungs Thanks to the work of breathing in water, the efficiency of blood oxygenation and transfer increases.

3-Improve flexibility

Unlike bodybuilding equipment that uses only some parts of the body, swimming does a lot of body work, which helps joints stay flexible.

To improve flexibility, it is recommended to do a soft stretch at the end of the exercise.

4-It does not affect the joints

During swimming, the joints do not suffer that they suffer from other sports, such as tennis or running. In fact, this sport is recommended to treat arthritis for this reason.

5-It can be practiced throughout life

Since swimming has no effect, it can be practiced throughout life. In fact, there are people over 90 who practice it.

6-Reduces cholesterol

In order to keep you healthy, it is good to have good high cholesterol (HDL) and bad cholesterol (LDL) in your body.

Swimming can balance these levels due to the benefits of aerobic exercise, which lowers HDL levels.

7 – Improve intelligence

An Australian study compared a group of children who practiced swimming and those who did not.

The results showed that the children who practiced it had more developed language skills, better motor skills, more confidence and more physical development.

On the other hand, it has been shown that babies who have lived in the first two years of life develop a greater understanding of the world that surrounds them from what they already learn to be more creative and attentive. Water stimulates the child’s ability to play and this fact has a very positive effect on future learning.

8-Improves asthma symptoms

The advantage of indoor swimming is that it can be practiced in a humid environment, which can help reduce asthma symptoms.

In fact, some studies have shown that swimming can improve the overall condition of asthma (snoring, mouth breathing, minor doctor visits).

Either way, it’s beneficial for everyone because it increases lung capacity.

9-Reduces the risk of diabetes

One study found that the risk of diabetes decreased by 6% while swimming. Just 30 minutes, three times a week, the risk of type 2 diabetes is reduced by 10%.

On the other hand, if you already have type 1 diabetes, aerobic exercise can be beneficial because it increases insulin sensitivity.

10 – Increase muscle mass throughout the body

After 8 months of swimming, muscle mass can be increased by up to 23%.

11-Improves sleep

According to a 2013 US survey, people who exercise, such as swimming, are twice as likely to say they slept well every night or almost every night.

They are also less likely to report sleep disturbances.

12-Burn Calories (Keep Weight)

When you swim, you burn 500-600 calories per hour, depending on the intensity and physical condition.

Riding and doing the elliptical burn something more, even though they are very close: swimming burns 11% fewer calories than running and 3% fewer calories than cycling.

13 – More years

Researchers at the University of North Carolina found that those who had to swim had a 50% lower mortality rate than those who exercised running or did not exercise. The study was conducted on 40,547 men aged 20-90 for 32 years.

14 effects on babies

It has several benefits for babies:

  • Psychomotor development.
  • Help the baby relax.
  • Develops vital survival skills.
  • Cardiovascular healing.
  • Help your baby feel more secure.
  • Strengthening the immune system.
  • Increases IQ.

Improves and strengthens affective and cognitive relationships between baby, mother and father.

Starts socialization without trauma in a playful and recreational environment.

15- It allows you to drive better / exercise

By increasing the ability to absorb and use oxygen efficiently, swimming increases resistance.

In a 2013 study in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports, swimmers who followed a controlled breathing technique improved endurance by 6 percent after just 12 swim sessions.

In addition, swimming works the buttocks and hamstrings, which is essential for improving running.

16 – Social and psychological benefits

In addition to swimming, you can meet other swimmers with whom you can exchange experiences, develop a positive attitude (individually and in groups), a sense of well-being, patience and releasing tension.

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