Tips for Scoring the Highest Marks in Class 12 Accountancy

class 12 accountancy

If you are also going to appear in the 12th board exams this year and have pursued Commerce then this article is to help you out with your preparation. Here we will be talking about the preparation tips for the class 12 accountancy paper. It is the most lengthy and tough subject for a Commerce student. But today we will look out for the best tips that will help you to score the highest marks.

We will be also discussing the online classes for accountancy to help you out to cover your entire syllabus. You will also get the solution on how to Join Class 12 Accounts Online Classes for better results. So, let us get started,

Class 12 Accountancy Curriculum

Before moving towards the preparation tips, let us sort out the accountancy curriculum for the year 2022-23. The entire syllabus is divided into two terms,

Term 1:

  • Unit 1 (Theoretical Framework):
  1. Introduction To Accounting
  2. Theory Base of Accounting
  • Unit 2(Accounting Process)
  1. Recording Of Business Transactions
  2. Bank Reconciliation Statement
  3. Depreciation, Provisions and Reserves

Term 2

  • Unit 2 (Accounting Process)
  1. Accounting For Bills of Exchange
  2. Trial Balance and Rectification of Errors
  • Unit 3
  1. Financial Statements of Sole Proprietorship from complete and Incomplete Records
  • Unit 4
  1. Computerised Accounting

Tips to scoring the highest marks

Proper Accounting Records

The major objective in the accounts paper is to maintain the accounting records. Students must know the way to keep the transaction records in sequential order. Even in the exams, the records are something which is observed very closely so never make errors in it.

Analyse the Financial Position

In the exam, you will be determining the financial position of businesses and companies with the help of the balance sheet which is difficult only if you are following the wrong way. So, make sure you have practised enough balance sheet tallies to prevent mistakes on paper.

Give Accurate Information

Accountancy is a subject that is based on data, figures, and facts. Make sure to read out all the information accurately so that you land on the right conclusion. To give accurate information, you must read the question properly and do not bother in giving unnecessary data which are not even required. This will only lead to a possible marks deduction.

Details of Accounting

The account details such as profit, loss, liabilities, assets, etc are the crucial details that a class 12 student must determine easily. Any error in such details will result in the partial marks deduction and some cases full marks deduction in the exams.

Maintain good Presentation

Above everything, presentation is the key role that can eventually increase your marks. This is because the first impression is the last one. So, if the examiner finds your answer sheet interactive and neat, he/she will surely read the entire sheet. But if in the case, you have a poor presentation, then there is a rare chance that the examiner will bother to read the answers.

Tips for attempting the Accountancy

Read the Question Paper

Read the question paper for the first 15 minutes and try to understand the questions. Reading the question will help you to start the answers properly. Also, check the marks assigned for each question before writing the answers so that you write adequate answers. Also, it is important so that you don’t waste time writing lengthy answers for short questions. Before starting the answers once again read the question and underline the main points of your answers.

Attempt Answers

Of any particular section, make sure to attend to the questions in a sequence. Also, if your question has some sub-parts then make sure to attend all the subparts in a sequence. If you are confused about any of the parts then leave space for the answer. Highlight the main points in the answer and manage good handwriting and presentation

Online classes help in scoring highest marks Vidyasetu – best online Classes

Vidyasetu is a coaching institute that has been providing the best online accountancy classes to the students of class 12. These classes are best for the students who have opted for commerce as their stream. These classes do not only focus on completing your course but to make you learn the topics. Let us go through some other major benefits of Online Vidyasetu accountancy classes.

  • Get the live classes for class 12 accounts which are free of cost.
  • The interactive live classes are conducted 5 days a week.
  • Get your doubts solved through the online doubt solving sessions.
  • You will also get the online study materials chapterwise.
  • Before the board exams, you will be completing 5 revisions.
  • You can access the live classes from any device
  • For convenience, you can also download the app for free.
  • They provide you with an unlimited practice test and master concepts.
  • Here you can do unlimited revisions in less time.
  • Proper chapter-wise revision lectures are available.

Why Vidyasetu?

Best Faculty: Vidyasetu has the best and the most experienced faculty who has been guiding the class 12th students for a decade.

Recorded Video Lectures: You get the recorded which you can watch anytime and anywhere in high quality. You can also repeat the lectures as many times as you want.

Doubt Solving: At Vidyasetu, you can ask your doubts to experienced faculty and experts.

Best Study Materials: Vidyasetu provides the most suitable reading materials for the students of CBSE, ICSE and State Boards.

Mock Tests: To ensure the proper practice of the students Vidyasetu provides online mock tests.


Therefore, if you are going to appear for the class 12 accountancy paper then follow the mentioned tips by vidyasetu. You can also increase the chances of making the highest marks by joining the online classes by Vidyasetu. These online classes are not just easy to avail of but also a lot of informative. So, join these online classes today and get ready to score the best.

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