Things You Need To Know About Getting A Job And Work Permit In Canada In 2022

work permit in canada

An authoritative document allowing an immigrant to work while residing in Canada is known as a work permit. Canada annually issues a large volume of work permits to different temporary workers all across the globe. If you’re an immigrant looking for work opportunities, there is no other better place than Canada. If you have work experience in Canada, it will be easier for you to get permanent residency in Canada as well. So, you can see how important a work permit in Canada is for your career growth. Also, if you have a work permit in Canada, your chances of getting a Canada permanent resident visa will be higher. 

Some facts about the work permit in Canada

You must have a lot of questions about the work permit in Canada. The facts mentioned in the subsection will clarify all your doubts. 

  • Your job offer in Canada does not guarantee that you’re qualified to apply for a work permit. Your job offer should be supported by a labour market impact assessment or have an exemption from acquiring a positive labour market impact assessment. 
  • As you’re applying for an employer supporter work grant, you can bring your family and children under the work permit and thus bring them to Canada. 
  • If you’re applying for a closed work license individually, you will be charged 155 Canadian dollars. For an open work grant, you are charged 255 Canadian dollars. 

Documents required while applying for a work permit in Canada.

  1. Application forms that are completed
  2. Evidence of Canadian status
  3. Status of family member’s proof
  4. Impact assessment of labour market
  5. Resume or CV
  6. Certificate of marriage
  7. Proof that you meet the job requirements
  8. Copy of your passport that is valid
  9. Copy of credentials for exams
  10. Results of medical exams
  11. Payment proof of applicable government fees
  12. Evidence that you have the financial means to stay in Canada and return to your home country

Canada work permit biometrics

IRCC has, in today’s times, introduced a measure that hinders candidates from applying for a work permit inside Canada. Those who apply from outside Canada are yet to give biometrics on getting a biometrics instruction letter. 

How to get a job in Canada? 

First, create a highly convincing CV to get a job in Canada. Secondly, applying for jobs has completely changed in recent years. Ensure you’re choosing the right methods and finding the jobs; otherwise, things will get complicated. If you hold a Canada PR visa, your chances will increase by 3x. So, make sure to apply and secure a Canada PR visa. Also, while giving the Canada permanent resident visa, if you already have a professional experience in Canada, your chances of selection are higher. 


So, these were all about getting a job and a work permit in Canada. Canada is one of the most immigrant-friendly countries with a vast scope of career growth. So, if you get a job and a work permit here, your life is all set. Make sure you follow all the processes tediously and do not make any mistakes. Then, there is a huge chance of you getting a work permit and a job in Canada.

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