Stunning Sterling Silver Gemstone Jewelry to Enhance the Beauty of the Wearer

Gemstone jewelry

Everyone likes to refresh their wardrobes with the latest trends in the market. So, let us learn about those trends. Among them, gemstones have always been the most in-demand. In this blog, we will be learning their properties and features.


The gorgeous gemstone Moonstone belongs to the feldspar mineral family. It is a magical and powerful gemstone with a long-established heritage, as the ancients believed these gemstones are formed from moonbeams. Moreover, it is shrouded in mystery and elegance. The brilliance of this gemstone from its transparent and translucent appearance has captured the eyes of people around the world. Furthermore, the soothing gemstone symbolizes peace and new beginnings, providing inner strength and growth. In addition, wearing the moonstone jewelry every day re-energies the mind and soul, warding away the negative energies. It is even the birthstone for the people born in the month of June, but anyone can wear it as it is a healing stone.


The natural glass stone has a unique formation, as it is the result of the significant asteroid impact that happened around 15 million years ago. They are actually the tektite belonging to the group of the impacted glass formed by meteorite impacts. The stone ranges from transparent to translucent, with swirls and bubbles on the surface, which enhances the beauty of the stone. It rates between 5.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale hardness. However, moldavite jewelry has many advantages, as it is highly used for healing rituals of the Earth chakra. This transformational gemstone is even used for amplifying the vibration of other crystals. It is even said that if you gaze into the stone and meditate, then you can easily connect with the higher power of the cosmos.


The blue stone Turquoise is the oldest gemstone known for its color and healing properties. It is the only stone after which the color has been officially named. Turquoise has spanned its popularity all around the world and has been worn by many kings and queens in their crowd. It has the energy of the ocean and the sky above, providing special significance to the ones born in the month of December. You would have seen many celebrities wearing turquoise jewelry on the red carpet. Moreover, it is the stone of protection; it will always guard its wearer against difficult situations. The stone will bring good fortune and success.


The Caribbean gemstone Larimar is only available in parts of the Dominican Republic. It is a pectolite mineral that even has traces of iron in them. The stone was formed under natural calamities like volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Later, the stone was found by a priest near the river and was considered as a semi-precious gemstone. Then the Larimar jewelry has been a popular gem for its calmness and patience. Moreover, it brings the ability to make good decisions in life. The stone even helps in warding away health issues and problems like anxiety, depression, and stress.

Source of buying the gemstone

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