Importance of Gender Analysis In The Process Of Social Research

Social Research

Social research has been serving the well-being of humans for centuries. It helps us by predicting human behaviour, gathering knowledge, bringing social unity, and planning social policies. Other exciting features of social research include the solution of a social problem, structural changes, social predictions, and social welfare. When it comes to gender analysis, it is the method of including gender-based constraints in social research. Therefore, this article will discuss what gender analysis is, its aims and objectives, and its importance in social sciences, along with steps to complete the analysis.

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What Is Gender Analysis And Example?

Gender analysis means a set of techniques used to find the relationship between men and women, their abilities to access the resources, types of activities and constraints both genders face relative to each other. Similarly, the gender analysis helps in providing information to recognise the relationship of each gender with respect to race, ethnicity, class, age, and disability. It is also important to know different patterns of involvement, activities and ethics both genders have in the economical, legal and social structure of societies.

Gender analysis is an important element of socio-economic analysis. Thus, a comprehensive socio-economic analysis takes into account gender relations. In other words, it deals with gender as a factor in all social and economic relations. Therefore, gender analysis is a method to gather information on the different situations that men and women may face as an effect of policy and programs. It aims to highlight and fulfil the need of both genders to bring reform in current policies.

For example, a gender analysis can help in knowing the role of each gender in the family, community, and society. This gender-based approach primarily focuses on the current division of responsibilities of men and women in society along with its reasons, benefits and effects.

What Is The Aim Of Gender Analysis?

The understanding of socio-economic relations by focusing the gender-based relations is a vital element of policy analysis. It plays an important role in the development and implementation of cooperation initiatives. In this vast field of socio-economic, the gender analysis aims to analyse different situations of women and men to reflect its impact on legislation, cultural practices and programs. Therefore, the major role of gender analysis is to see a policy or program from both men’s and women’s points of view.

Why Is Gender Analysis Important In Social Research?

Social research explores the facts about people and society to improve the product and services that can meet the need of people. Social researches often create different socio-economic groups that act differently in a society. At the same time, gender analysis is the contributions, limitations and responsibilities of both men and women to society. Hence, gender analysis is important in social research because it works to deal with gender-based inequalities.

Furthermore, social researches aim to work for making a better society. It deals with the development and implementation of laws and policies to deal with social inequalities. In this regard, gender analysis helps social workers by monitoring the potential role of each gender. Therefore, gender analysis is a method to monitor the effect of change in policies, practices and access to assets by encountering gender-based constraints. However, if you face any difficulties in gender analysis, there are firms where you can get dissertation help online.

What Are The Steps In Gender Analysis?

In socio-economics, the gender analysis consists of seven steps;

A Secondary Data Collection Plan

It deals with the development of a data collection plan perfectly aligned with the objectives and research questions of the project. Here you need to answer the most important questions. First, how will the estimated result differently affect men and women? Second, what will be the effect of a given situation on the different status and roles of men and women? The plan should also involve gender-related questions in the data collection matrix. Moreover, who will collect the data, what techniques he/she will use to collect the data, techniques /methods of analysis and collection, along with how to further process the information, are other few important aspects to be added in the gender analysis.

Review Of Secondary Data Source

Review of secondary data sources includes research at the gender-focused scholarly articles and sex-disintegrated databases. Throughout the research, the relevancy and credibility of the source information must be prioritised.

Analysis Of Secondary Data

Analysis based on gender differences must go through these three important aspects:

Differences in men’s and women’s abilities to use the resources, health services and assets

Inequalities in men’s and women’s wages and care-taking responsibilities at homes and in society

Gender-based differences in leadership roles, legal rights and decision-making abilities

Identification Of Gaps, Critical Information And Contradictions

This step is extremely important if the step three results are not satisfactory. In other words, if a data collection plan does not fulfil the above-mentioned criteria, then you need to critically identify the gaps in information. Sometimes, there exist some contradictory findings that further need investigation. This step also includes the prioritisation of studies based on values or budget based constraints.

Development Of Primary Data Collection Points And Instruments

The first four steps of gender analysis help in making a secondary data collection plan. While at this point, you need to select an analysis tool. It guides in designing research questions and selecting the appropriate method to get a logical answer to these questions. Here, combinatorial approaches or qualitative and qualitative methods are used in the selection of appropriate methods or instruments to solve the gender-based research questions.

Data Analysis

Like other types of data, the gender-based analysis can also be done by using the qualitative and quantitative methods of analysis for play doh sets company. The only distinguishing thing between the normal or gender analysis is that the latter focuses on the four domains.

The four domains in gender analysis are termed as GAF and include:

Access to briefs, perceptions and assets

Participation and practices

Institutions and laws


In other words, gender analysis mainly focuses on gender inequality in these four domains.

Constraints Analysis

This part of gender analysis deals with monitoring the gender-specific limitation in the context of a project’s objective. It explains how the identified gender difference may limit or facilities the changes in practices, knowledge and access to care from the public’s point of view.

Consequently, gender analysis aims to highlight the effect of gender-based differences in development and implementation of policies and constitutions. In general, it is the most-sought-after analysis technique in social sciences. Thus, there are many ways tools that you can use for effective gender analysis.

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