8 Basics of Choosing Bathroom Accessories

Designing the bathroom is a significant task because you start your day there, and it must radiate good vibes. Bathroom accessories can make or break the appearance of the space. To create a welcoming, cozy and warm vibe, you need to be careful of what accessories you opt for. Regardless of whether you have a small or big bathroom, the accessories must complement the rest of the elements of the space. While picking out the best Kohler bath accessories can get overwhelming, here are tips that will make the process easy for you.

Understand what you want

Have a clear picture of the kind of bathroom you wish to have. Then, browse social media platforms to get ideas and see what you like the best. It is essential to have a plan before you move forward with the process.

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Explore apps like Pinterest to understand different types of aesthetics. You can even find fantastic designs in magazines. Therefore, the first tip is to research and create a list of things you would like to have in your bathroom. Once you have this, the following steps will be manageable.

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Assessing the space

Considering the space of the bathroom is significant. You surely do not want it to look messy. We understand that you may want to have it all in the bathroom but drop the extra things to make it look spacious and functional.

Divide the bathroom space and see how much space you can allot to each element. Also, always start with the essential Kohler bath products first. For instance, showerheads, faucets, sinks, taps, towel racks, and bathtubs are a few crucial things that are necessary for every bathroom. 


When choosing the accessories, do not just go by the product’s looks. You surely want the best of the things that make the bathroom look put together. However, fancy things may not last long, especially if you have children at home.

Think of all the people who will use the bathroom and then see if they can access the products easily or not. If you have parents living with you or guests coming to your house often, these are some things that will matter in the long run. Choose aesthetic accessories, but they should be functional at the same time.

Deciding on a style

To dictate the style of your bathroom, you need to pick a style. Contemporary, traditional and transitional are some popular themes that homeowners stick to. The traditional style is the best for home fixtures as it goes with everything. Choose contemporary themes if you want the bathroom with a flow of movement and fashion.

On the other hand, transitional is the perfect blend of contemporary and traditional. Choosing the accessories with a theme ensures that all the elements will complement each other.

Metals and fixtures

Copper, brass, stainless steel, bronze, and chrome are a few options that you can opt for. Remember that you should use the same metal throughout the bathroom. This gives a rich and designer look to the washroom with minimum effort. If you are looking for bathroom accessories, check out Kohler for some fantastic options.

Accessible elements

Placement of the accessories plays a huge role in setting up the bathroom. For instance, the towel ring or rack must be near the sink. Also, if you have more than one vanity, ensure that you put racks near each.

Quality is the key

The bathroom accessories should be durable. Invest in good quality products rather than going for cheap ones. Moreover, the bathroom is a long-term investment, so make your decisions carefully. If a deal seems too good to be true, ensure that you double-check it before falling into the trap.


While this seems simple, choosing the perfect lighting is the most important thing to do in the bathroom. Make sure that it is well lit, and it illuminates the space instantly. This will prove to be beneficial, especially if you get ready in the bathroom itself. Kohler is an excellent option to go for if you are searching for bath products in Africa.

Final Words

Making your bathroom appear luxurious, elegant, and sleek is a dream of everyone. Follow the tips above to create the perfect bathroom with Kohler for you and your family and enjoy its ambiance daily.  You can seek countless options on the side of bathroom accessories, so drop all the second thoughts and check the official website of Kohler today, since you deserve to remodel that incredible bathroom like never before.

Now, Kohler products are available across the countries of West and East Africa including Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Nigeria. Contact us at contact.africa@kohler.com or visit https://www.africa.kohler.com/contact-us

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