Ask Your Fans for Feedback

Inquiring from your followers to provide feedback is an effective method for guiding your content to ensure you can increase your engagement shortly. The best way to get people to interact.

If you ask your audience what they are looking for, and you give them that, they’ll become more inclined to engage with the content you share.

Feature a Live Personality

Choose experts in your field for a short period in a live event.

With a live representative answering questions regarding your area of expertise is an excellent way to establish connections with your followers and make your brand more human.

Hosting this individual for a live event encourages people to share and leave comments on the thread because it’s a brief chance for them to interact and ask questions click here.

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Offer Exclusive Content and Contests to Fans

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One method to achieve this is to hold one way to do this is to have a “Fan of the month” contest that rewards users who are the most engaged on your website with an award.

Another variation on this strategy is “Fan of the week” or “Photo of the week.”

If you give incentives to engagement, people will be more engaged to be successful.

Give Fans a Simple Call to Action

I’ve seen a lot of people comment that they would prefer they had a “dislike” button.

A way to connect with these individuals and the rest is by asking them “like or dislike” an inquiry you make.

Facebook Timing

I was planning to incorporate some data about timing into the infographic I created earlier; however, an infographic on Facebook timing was already designed by the talented folks at KissMetrics.

In the infographic above, the ideal posting frequency is 0.5 times per day or every other day. I’m afraid I have to disagree.

I believe that a website that posts daily will be more successful than one that only posts daily, as it’s content is relevant and exciting.

For instance, the Facebook site Positive, Inspirational Quotes is often updated throughout the day, and its followers love it. More than 50 percent of followers are “talking about” their page.

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