5 Labor Day Marketing Strategies To Boost Revenues.

labor day marketing strategy

Labor Day, observed on the first Monday in September, is your last chance of the year to dress in all white.

Labor Day Marketing Strategies is More importantly for retailers, it is traditionally one of the busiest shopping days in North America.

However, as consumers struggled with the ongoing effects of the pandemic, Labor Day 2020 was a bit of a letdown, with credit card spending on clothing falling 6.7 percent year on year.

Retailers will be relieved to learn that consumer attitudes are expected to improve this year.

According to Numerator, only 8% of Americans believe COVID-19 will have a significant impact on Labor Day 2021, while 44% believe it will have no impact at all:

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Hold a sale over the Labor Day weekend.

What do you do when you have a little spare time?

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Despite our lofty goals of visiting a gallery, running a marathon, or finally finishing War and Peace, many of us end up spending a lot of our free time staring at our phones.

As a result, we see more advertisements, which leads to us purchasing items we did not intend to buy. That is why long weekends are ideal for shopping.

Many brands take advantage of this by running flash sales over Labor Day Weekend. If you want to do the same, start your campaign, and if you are a small company struggling with the budget, here is the right tool for you to create a labor Day poster online with pre-made templates.

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With that in mind, you should be promoting your sales weeks ahead of time. You should get started as soon as possible.

Run social ads announcing your sale, and email your list with more information about the types of deals you’ll be running. Consider this example from BioLite, an outdoor and off-grid energy company. which used Labor Day to promote a simple promotion: 15% off its entire product line:

Recognize What Customers Are Looking For

While most major shopping holidays—Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Easter—are associated with a specific gift or theme, Labor Day is not.

After all, a holiday commemorating the labor movement hardly screams “consumerism.” As a result, making Labor Day relevant to your brand is difficult.

While the holiday itself may not have a lot of relevant marketing tie-ins, there are plenty of Labor Day traditions that present opportunities for retailers.

To help you find those opportunities, let’s look back at Numerator’s research to see how people celebrate Labor Day: Attending or hosting barbecues or parties is a common way to spend quality time with loved ones. So, if you work in the food and beverage industry, this is an important holiday for you. However, it can be equally valuable for a variety of other brands.

If you have guests coming to your house, you want it to look nice—especially if those guests are members of your immediate family. That means that many shoppers will be in full bargain-hunting mode, looking for the best deals on indoor and outdoor clothing, bedding and mattresses, clothing and accessories, and much more.

Furthermore, you cannot have a barbecue if you do not have a grill. Because many of these items are high-priced, people are unlikely to purchase them without first shopping around and weighing their options.

This emphasizes the importance of teasing any offers or promotions you’re running ahead of time so people know what to expect and are prepared to buy.

Audience Segmentation Effectively

I’m not saying list segmentation is only for Labor Day; it’s a good marketing strategy any time of year.

Segmented email campaigns, according to Mailchimp, achieve 14 percent higher open rates, 11 percent more unique opens, and an astounding 101 percent more clicks than non-segmented campaigns: However, assuming you’ve collected the necessary information about your customers, there are a couple of specific segmentation points to be made about Labor Day:

To begin, it’s pointless to target back-to-school campaigns at people who don’t have children—though Gen Zers are a good target for back-to-college content.
Second, keep in mind that Labor Day is a North American event (or, at the very least, its celebration in September is unique to the United States and Canada), so don’t bother targeting your Labor Day campaigns to international audiences.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

To do good marketing, you must be willing to take some risks. Pushing the boundaries now and then can help you reach new audiences and craft more compelling messaging. Furthermore, even your most devoted customers are tired of seeing the same ads over and over again.

On the other hand, no one wants to take marketing risks during major holidays such as Black Friday or Christmas. It’s simply too expensive to get them wrong.

Please do yourself a favor and save your experimenting for a less important occasion. Because consumers have no real preconceptions about what Labor Day marketing “should look like,” it’s the ideal opportunity to stretch your creative muscles and try something new in digital marketing service. Feel free to experiment with things like

Marketing channels;

Content types;

Discounts and promotions;

The tone of voice

Calls to action; and


The lessons you learn from your Labor Day marketing ideas can have a massive impact on the higher-profile campaigns you run later in the year.
Art Naturals, a hair and skincare brand, is a great example of what happens when marketers feel free to deviate from the norm:

Send a Basic Status Update

Perhaps Labor Day isn’t essential to your company, or you don’t want to run a discount or flash sale campaign. After all, if you sell a high-end product, lowering the price may tarnish your brand.

Whatever your business plans are, Labor Day is still a significant event that you should not overlook. In that case, you could send a simple greeting with a reminder that you’ll be available over the Labor Day weekend.
There is no special offer, no competition, and no weekend sale. Instead, it simply states, “We’re available if you need us.” As a marketer, sometimes that’s all you need to do.

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