How to Paint Metal Furniture

metal furniture

Metal furniture is a perfect choice for home office ideas. It is durable and could withstand different weather elements from the sun’s heat to freezing snow. Whether it is a furniture for an outdoor patio or a decorative element for your garden, it is truly a wise choice to go for metal than other materials.

However, through time the metal can also get worn out and needs to be refinished to make it look beautiful like new again. Repainting metal is the best way to beautify and refresh the look of your outdoor metal furnishings. Aside from making it look like new again, the paint also acts as a coating that protects the metal from moisture and other factors that can cause damage to the surface.

If you’re planning to refinish metal furniture in your home, here is a simple step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Prepare the Area

First of all, you need to prepare everything before starting the paint job. Choose a wide, open space outdoors where you could do your painting project. Be sure to cover the area with drop cloths to prevent the paint from staining other surfaces. You could also place a lightweight wood as a shield to protect other surfaces from overspray.

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Aside from the area, it is also important to consider the weather when painting. Don’t paint when the weather is rainy or wet since your paint would take a long time to dry. Choose a warm sunny day so your paint will dry out perfectly.

Clean the Metal Surface

When everything is ready, the next thing to do is to clean the metal surface to be painted on. Remove the old paint and rust so the new paint will adhere to the surface properly. You could use a vinegar and water solution with 50:50 ratio to clean the metal. You could also scrub the surfaces off with a water and detergent solution to remove dirt and grime. Then, use a stiff wire brush or abrasive pads to remove the paint and rust.

Apply the Primer

After cleaning and preparing the metal surface, you can now apply the metal paint primer into the surface. It creates an even surface and provides a good base so the paint will adhere on the surface properly. Apply two coats of primer before painting for best results.

Apply the Paint

When the primer is dry, you can now start applying the paint itself. Choose the paint colour that suits your colour palette and apply it into your metal furniture. Spray painting is the most efficient way of painting metals since it provides a smooth coverage with lesser paint dripping. For best results, you should apply another coat of paint within an hour after applying the first coat. That way, you’ll have richer colour and more even looking paint job.

With this simple guide, your metal furniture pieces will surely look like new and you’ll have a fresh look in your outdoor living space. 

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