How Not to Buy Pop-Up Tents: 4 Terrible Mistakes to Avoid

There’s one item that you’ll see at most concerts, marketing events, sporting events, and even campsites. That item is pop-up or “instant” tents. As the name suggests, “instant” tents are ideal for “instant use.”

  • Going on a camping trip and need a simple, hassle-free tent for yourself? A light instant tent will fit easily inside your camping backpack. Setting it up, disassembling it, and carrying it from one campsite to another are all very easy tasks.
  • Plan on promoting your brand/product at a busy tradeshow or marketing event. You can custom-print all types of high-definition graphics on your pop up tents. Unlike normal posters or banners – instant tents are extremely eye-catching. They’ll give your brand incredible exposure at any event no matter how crowded it is.
  • Going to a two or three-day music festival or concert? Take instant tents made of durable, rain-resistant materials to keep you warm and dry.

These tents are super-handy in all types of indoor and outdoor situations. That’s why every family or business owner should have these tents in storage. They can come useful in several circumstances.

But, if you buy the wrong pop-up tents – they’ll fail you no matter what’s the situation. Want to avoid buying a ‘nightmare’ pop-up tent that keeps failing you in the wrong moments? Just avoid these four terrible mistakes –

  1. Not Knowing How You Will Use Your Pop-Up Tents

Due to rising inflation, most brands are either raising their prices or cutting their costs. Business leaders who want to use pop-up tents as promotional tools can’t just aimlessly buy these items. Will they use the tents for in-store promotions? Will they use it for outdoor marketing events?

Or, will the business owner occasionally take the tents for family camping events? Whatever their requirements are, they must define them before investing in instant tents. Address these questions. You’ll be automatically answering important questions like –

  • What size pop-up tents do you need?
  • How much should you invest in these tents?
  • What types of bags or storage items you’ll need to keep the pop-up tents safe?

Define how you want to use the pop-up tents. Then, buy tents that can specifically address all of your requirements.

  • Not Paying More for Weather Resistant Features

The latest pop-up tents in the market come with coatings that block the sun’s harmful UV rays. Some even feature additional water-repellant coatings. However, instant tents with these protective features cost slightly more. Don’t avoid paying slightly extra for these features.

  • Not Getting Full-Color Digital Printing

Only buy from tent sellers who allow you to custom-print any combination of colors or graphics on your tents. Brand leaders, in particular, must buy pop-up tents that are colorfully designed and printed on all sides.  

  • Not Picking Aluminum Frames

When it comes to tent frames – there’s only one top option for shoppers – aluminum. Yes, steel tent frames can be just as durable. But, you also want the frames to be light enough to be carried around with ease. That’s where aluminum tent frames trump the steel ones.

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