Essential Things to Know While Hiring Security Guards

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When hiring security guards, you must know some essential things. These include training, experience, and a licence. In addition, the guards should be certified, with the power to arrest, baton, and pepper spray, among others. They should also be trained in CPR and first aid. Ask for references in the same field. Contact the security companies and ask them whether the guards are reliable. You can also check their reputation through customer reviews.

Security guards in Vancouver are vital to the success of any establishment, but there are certain qualities employers should look for in their prospective employees. These qualities include physical fitness, excellent communication skills, and attention to detail. It is also essential to pay special attention to their non-verbal communication and how they carry themselves. The interviewer should also determine why the applicant has applied for the job and whether they can communicate well with others.

Interviewing security guards

When interviewing potential security guards, remember that they may be required to carry a weapon on duty. The guards you choose should have a weapons licence and target practice. While you’re interviewing a security guard, be aware that employers don’t want to hire a person with a gun obsession – they’re looking for someone responsible and can handle the responsibilities of carrying a gun responsibly.

Paying for background checks

One of the first steps in hiring a security guard is to do a background check. This is an essential part of the process, and many companies require their applicants to agree to a background check before they are hired. After the background check has been completed, companies can compare the applicant’s background check information to the information provided on the application. For example, a security guard with a history of domestic violence is unlikely to be hired.

Consult a security company. They can provide a large pool of qualified candidates and boast about how many jobs they have given them. Paying for background checks is a way to avoid hiring an unqualified guard and compromising your company’s reputation and finances. While hiring security guards may take time, doing a background check is vital for the success of your business.


Before you hire a security guard, you should check his licensing. This is a must for anyone operating a business because failing to licence a security guard will make you legally responsible for any injuries on your property. Not only are guards licenced, but many states require additional licensing for guards who carry firearms. The licensing requirements vary between states, but they are generally reasonably lenient. If you’re unsure of your guard’s licence, ask your security guard company to provide proof of it.

All security guards must be licenced. To obtain a licence, they must complete a classroom training course with a qualified instructor with a few years of experience in security guarding. Companies can require applicants to complete the training program directly, or they can have their employers do it. Applicants must complete an application for licence, which may require additional training. They should also be tech-savvy.


If you’re considering hiring security guards, you should ensure they have the proper insurance. Security guards put themselves and others at risk all day. While you might think they’re invincible, they’re not. Workers’ compensation insurance can cover medical expenses and lost wages. In addition, workers’ compensation insurance can also pay the benefits to the family of an injured employee. All security guards should have workers’ compensation insurance when they’re hired.

When applying for security guard insurance, you should be prepared to provide detailed information about the guards and locations they’ll be working at. You’ll need to provide payroll data to determine your overall liability exposure and workers’ comp risk. This gives the new company a good idea of your business risk. However, armed security guards will require more comprehensive coverage than unarmed security guards.

Personality tests

A personality test for security guards was designed to help employers select candidates with strong character and integrity. The test measures personality, knowledge, skills, and relevant behavioural history. It also identifies people at risk for misconduct or internal theft. Applicants should take practice personality tests to ensure that their answers match their personalities.

In addition to using a personality test for security guards, employers should care when using one. While some argue that personality tests should not be used extensively, other countervailing trends support their use. In Canada, most states recognize negligent hiring, requiring employers to compensate victims of criminal acts committed by their employees. This arises when an employer negligently hires someone based on their psychological traits or propensity to harm others.

Final Take

Security is always one of the most important aspects to consider when running a business. When you hire security guards, it becomes their responsibility, which means they have an even higher level of standards than what would otherwise exist for them to be qualified and appropriately trained. Hence, there’s no room left open whatsoever!

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