How To Draw A Stern Reaper Cartoon – A Step By Step Guide

Cartoon Grim Reaper in just 7 easy steps! The Grim Reaper is a famous character you wouldn’t want to meet in real life! This hooded skeletal figure appears in a few myths and cultures worldwide and is said to be of death and doom. That being said, it may bring bad luck, but it has an excellent design! We are going to learn how to draw a Grim Reaper cartoon. It’s an excellent take on this famous figure that we want to draw, and we can’t wait to show you how it’s done! So let’s go ahead and start this step-by-step guide on how to draw a Grim Reaper cartoon! You will have to see this one till the end. We’ll be drawing a stylized version of this famous character in this guide on drawing a Grim Reaper cartoon!

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 How To Draw A Stern Reaper Cartoon – Let’s Get Started!

Step 1

This excellent design features a creepy yet cute character, and we’re starting the skeleton head in this first step. First, we will draw two large, solid, rounded black shapes for the eye sockets. These will be relatively large to create some personality for this Grim Reaper. Next, we’ll create “eyebrows” above the eyes using curved lines. Then, we will use rounded lines for the top of the skull and add some under the eyes for certain cheekbones. Once all this is drawn, we will move on to the next step!

Step 2: Now, draw the bottom of the skull.

This second stage of your Grim Reaper cartoon focuses on finishing the bottom half of the head.We’ll use two thick black lines for the nasal cavity that connect to form a sort of upside-down heart shape. Then you can draw the top of the mouth and then use more curved lines for the bottom of the jaw. Finish by adding a few lines for the teeth, and then add a rounded black shape for the space between the jawbones.

Step 3 – Next, Add the Hood

The Grim Reaper is famous for its black hood, and we are adding it in this third step of the guide. We will use curved lines for the hood under the face. Next, we’ll use more curved and rounded lines to draw the outer outline of the hood. As shown in the reference image, a thin part will fall at the back. That’s all there is to do for now, and then it’s on to step 4!

Step 4: Now, draw his arms and scythe.

Another one that the Grim Reaper is well known for is the fake signature that he carries with him. We’ll be adding this with his arms in this step of our guide on drawing a Grim Reaper cartoon! First, use curved lines for her shoulders and the sleeves of her cape. Draw his little hand, and then we’ll draw the fake one. The hilt is drawn using a few simple straight lines, and then you can use more curved lines for the scythe’s curved blade. This drawing already looks so cool, and we’ll add some more of his cape in the next step!

Step 5: Draw more of his cape.

We will create an excellent effect for his cape in this next step. First, draw two very slightly curved lines coming down from under the arms for the sides of his coat. Then we’ll use curly lines at the base of those lines to make the end of her cape look curly and ragged. It creates an exciting and cool look for him, as you can see! Then we’ll wrap up with some final details in the next step of the guide.

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