7 Negotiation Tips For Buying A Used Car in Australia

7 Negotiation Tips For Buying A Used Car in Australia

Persons with good negotiation skills are mostly successful where give and take policy applies. In fact, when it comes to buy used cars in Perth Australia, this one skill can help a lot to crack a good deal.

Negotiation skills are inherent qualities that can help you and the car dealer to come to a solution that benefits both parties. On the other hand, a lack of negotiation skills can make you an unsatisfied customer and you might end with a bad purchase.

So, before you start your search for the best second hand car dealers in Perth, brush up your negotiation skills. If you are not confident, take help of someone who have these important skills.

1. Know What You Want

Before you start the negotiation, find the right car model and make. When buying a car, you need to focus on three points – your needs, budget and lifestyle.

You can search online for the features of different models and zero down your search to maximum two models. It will reduce the chance of confusion and even speed up the buying process.

2. Know the Market Price

Before you go to dealers who buy and sell used cars, keep the statistics clear. You might know what model or make you want to purchase, but what about the price factor. The price of a car starts depreciating as soon as it is out off the showroom and it continues with every passing year.

A car driven for one year will cost you more as compared to one which is four to five years old. The current price of a second hand car depends on the model of the car, year of manufacturing, kilometres driven, overall exterior condition and other factors.

To know the market price of a particular model, take the help of online car valuation tools. Knowing the market price of a car beforehand will make you more confident. Also, there will be less chance of giving more money to a second hand car than required.

3. Be Practical

When you start your search for used cars for sale Perth, do not show your emotional side. This means no matter how much you like a particular car model or make, do not show your excitement in front of the dealer. Your excitement is the profit of the dealers. In fact, they want this from your end to end the deal. For them, it is just another deal, but for you own a car is a big thing.

When you have your eyes on a particular car, keep your emotions neutral and communicate to the dealer like any other normal business transaction.

4. Don’t Disclose Your Budget

Now that you have a clear idea regarding what you want to buy, set a budget. The budget does not mean just the cost of the second hand car. You need to think about the loan, customization cost (if needed) and maintenance cost too.

Keep the budget in mind but never disclose it to the salesman or the dealer. When a dealer asks about your budget, tell them a different price and start the negotiation process. Gradually increase your budget little by little.

Before you start the negotiation process, remember the highest limit of your budget. If the deal is not going according to your budget, simply walk away. You must close the deal only when you and the dealer come to a price that both are satisfied with.

5. Know What to Negotiate

In any car deal, the dealers are clear regarding what can be negotiated and what cannot be. It is simply a waste of time and energy negotiating about something the dealers have no control over.

You can negotiate with the dealer regarding the price of the car. You can also negotiate the fees of the dealer, documentation fees and other miscellaneous costs.

On the other hand, there is no scope for negotiation when it comes to taxes or registration fees, as they are charged according to the rules of the government.

6. Pre-Analysis and Negotiation

Most buyers prefer to get the car inspected by a trustworthy mechanic to find any fault that might go unnoticed. This gives peace of mind regarding the condition of a car.

Even a simple analysis of the car history gives you a good knowledge about the number of owners of a particular car, loan (if any), and prior accidents and so on.

Once you have the basic information about the car you wish to purchase, it’s time to research about the used car provider in Perth. There are many car dealers in the market – some genuine and some fraud.

Before finalizing the deal, get information about earlier satisfied customers of the dealer. When everything is fine, pre-negotiate a warranty with the dealer. Any kind of warranty or promise must be in a written form with no hidden clauses.

Everything should be clear from the beginning before you drive your dream car home.

7. Close the Deal

So, at last, it is time to finalize the deal. Check all the papers properly and find out that everything is legal. Proper paperwork is a must or otherwise, you might end up in a legal problem.

If you are planning to buy used cars in Perth from an independent seller, cross check the papers and make sure you have all the papers your state needs.

However, if you are buying one from a reputed used car provider in Perth, you do not have to worry much about the paperwork. The auto experts will assist you with a hassle-free deal.

Last but not least, always get everything written on paper for security.


Your negotiation skills are important for purchasing a used car in Perth. Brush up your knowledge and start your search for a reputed dealer who buy and sell used cars and soon you will crack the deal of your lifetime.

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