How To use Android Spying App To Eliminate illegal Hiring Tactics From Organization

So I have been noticing the complaint cell of the firm more observantly. There had one complaint box, in the building in respect of the custom method but more recently the online box has been activated and is been used rigorously I must say. One thing that was particularly mentioned by most of them. Many complaints were from people who had their interviews scheduled or have been through the recruiting process in our organization. They have complained about the long tasks employees asked them to complete during the hiring process. Some even told that it took them hours and even days to complete those tasks. Even then they were not hired of course the completed tasks were submitted without any delay.

The pattern was clear. The complaint started piling up at the start of the pandemic era when the office switched to remote work mode. The monitoring of recruitment teams and the departments was a little flexible and not rigid and maybe that can be counted as a reason to trigger such acts in the organization. It was an alarming situation and needed to be addressed right away as the company’s reputation was at stake. So I told the relevant bodies to plan a solution and for the time being the thought of using android spying app techniques came into my mind. Many organization has started using this technology, especially in the pandemic era as

  • 80% of organizations monitor their employees according to the American management association.  

Thus the changing norms of the corporate community and the awkward situation of the complaint cell pushed me to make the decision. We selected the OgyMogy spy app for employee monitoring. It has been a pleasant experience as I have practically started every recruitment process and stepped in keenly. Not just the hiring procedure, the spy app has helped us in monitoring the daily work routines of the employee’s ad other activities in detail.

Access to the Hiring Committee:

Access to the hiring committee was necessary to keep a check on the recruitment process. For that, the OgyMogy offers a screen recording feature. You can know who is responsible for interviews, short listings and final selection and if they are fulfilling the criteria or not. The app saves the screen activities of the employees for the users. Any case of illegal hiring or unfavoured gesture can be recorded for the users.

Policies and Tasks Details:

Keep an eye on the digital recording and tasks that moulds the terms and policies regarding hiring procedures. Make sure every responsible person is on the same page. You can check the details and more with the help of the keystroke logging feature. The feature also let et user know about any secret account details along with the passwords. You can even check the emails, attachments and even draft sections of the target employees with the help of the android spying app.

Be Present In All Meetings:

Being present in all the official meetings might sound impossible and that is true. But the OgyMogy android spying app has even made it possible as well. You can check the knowledge of all the meetings details with the help of the camera spy app and mic bug app. The feature let the user remotely watch and listen to the target employees at any given time.  

Know What is Happening Under the Table:

The call record and text log feature gives remote access to the target person’s incoming and outgoing call and text log. You can know about what is happening under the table with these features.  

The Digital Media Monitoring:

Track internet history and social media monitoring features make it possible to keep an eye on online activities.

The OgyMogy spy app offers three different bundles for its users. You are free to choose anyone that suits your needs and demands. We at first were not sure about it so we went with the monthly bundle for testing some employees. It was a success so for the wide range we selected the yearly bundle. No need to worry about the feature differentiation in monthly and yearly bundles as the app considers monthly users and yearly users fairly equal.

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