Cell phone Spyware App: The Best Plan Of Action

Ask an adult or late 40’s person about how they spent their teenage life and they will have a lot of interesting stories. Stories that will be free of digital media, reel or any post proof. They will be expressed with the memory saved in the mind and that kind of a certain power. Today’s kids have so many distractions that they sometimes forget to enjoy life. They had to make the perfect snap, Instagram story and whatnot before even enjoying an Icecream what could you more expect from this generation. Long story short in case you are wondering why I am feeling so bitter about the online media and technology then there are tons of reasons. I will not go the way of explaining o defending my opinion. Instead how about discussing my plan of action to deal with all the side effects.

I am using the TheOneSpy cellphone spyware app and it has been a huge step and success now. There are dozens of features and more to enjoy with the spy app technology. Just make sure you have physical access to a password-free gadget and you are good to go. Oly installation needs physical access. Once the app is installed you can enjoy the remote monitoring service as much as you want.  Here are some of the best features offered by cellphone spyware.

Call log:

Track the phone book history and know who is calling the target at odd times. You can know about the outgoing call record as well with the help of the call log feature. It can be best used by parents to know about the scam call. Similarly you can monitor the employee’s call records through their official gadget as well with the help of this feature.

Call Record:

You can not only know about the call log but can even record any call as well. The call recording feature is another best way to manage the call-related problems of the target easily.

Text log:

In case you have a target who prefers texting then don’t worry. The TheOneSpy cellphone spyware app offers the text log feature. It can take you directly to the chatbox and you can simply read all the private chats of the target person. All the information is saved with date and time information.

GPS location Tracking:

No need to make dozens of calls and texts just to ask about the whereabouts of the teenagers. Similarly in case you are suspicious that your employee is meeting the wrong person then you can simple double-check before taking any harsh steps. The GPS location tracking software let the user know about the pinpoint location of the target in real-time with accuracy.


Mark a safe and restricted zone on Google Maps to track the target location. The app will notify you about any movement around the marked zone.

Camera Bug:

The camera bug feature gives remote access to the front and rear camera of the target device to the user. You can watch your kid using the cellphone or can know if the employee is leaving the position empty for soo long. All this and much more can be done with the help of the camera spy app.

Mic bug:

The life listens to surround feature makes it possible for the user to listen to the surrounding sounds and voices around the target person. Employers can use the feature to have ears and eyes everywhere in the workplace. Past can save their kids from bullies or any stalkers etc with the help of this feature.

Keystroke logging:

The keystroke logging feature keeps the record of all the keypad related activities of the target person. You can know about the credentials, secret account details., any secret digital entries and more with the help of the keystroke logging feature.

Email Monitoring:

The TheOneSpy cellphone spyware offers an email monitoring feature, particularly for employee monitoring. With remote access, you can know about the received emails and sent content along with attachment history details as well.

Screen Monitoring:

No doubt it is the age of screens. Instead of pondering about what your kid is doing with the cellphone, or if the employee is still wasting time on useless activities simple use the screen monitoring feature.

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