Everything you need to know about playground safety matting

Kids have delicate skin due to which it’s prone to slashes and bruises. But in general, kids are tough. Anyway, caring parents like you should not impose many restrictions on your kids when it comes to spending time outdoors (in playgrounds). The surface of a playground is often rough (because playgrounds are topped with either sand, cement, or grass) and could be dangerous when the little ones tend to fall. There’s one good way to shelter the kids from the harsh consequences of falls. Playground safety matting is used in high-end playgrounds so that the kids don’t sustain serious injuries.

Let’s explore the benefits of this safety matting in the following section.

Benefits of playground safety matting

How do you think rubber or a synthetic mat is helpful for your little kid? Playground mats don’t look like much but they come with certain key properties that can support your child’s playtime. Commercially, playmats are available in a wide range of colors. Decorators use a combination of different colors to design your playground in a unique manner. Soft, rubber play mats will protect your child from ice-cold and rigid floors. The exact benefits of a playground safety matting are listed in the following points below:

1. Helps in the early development of your child

Although implicit, the matting can help in the early development of your child. Some exquisite play mats come with removable puzzles, fun tiles, and innovative sights and sounds.Tiles or mats containing pictures of animals, numbers, and letters help your child to get acquainted with them. The interactive fun unit help develop motor skills, enhances visual sensitivity and hand-eye coordination, and ultimately shapes a child’s logic and reasoning skills.

2. Stimulates the senses of your child

Playground matting’s rich textures and bright colors are captivating. On a playground fitted with different kinds of mats, your child will enjoy exploring different kinds of surfaces. The higher-end playground matting incorporates interactive elements that stimulate your child’s senses.

3. Playground matting is portable

The flooring for the children’s playground is totally portable. Playmats are foldable while are playground tiles are detachable, thus allowing you to set up a safe and comfortable playing space for your child anywhere you like. If you ever think you need to change the playroom, you can easily do so without spending extra on the flooring.

4. Playground matting is safe

The primary benefit of a play mat is that they provide a surface that has the perfect amount of elasticity. These mats can be installed in homes, schools, playgrounds, or any other kid’s playing area. The mats come in a range of thicknesses along with fall ratings. The thicker the mat is, the more is the fall height rating. The product comes in colorful variations and is made from non-toxic raw materials.

The 3 types of playground safety matting 

Playmats or safety mattings come in several types and each serves a different purpose. We have taken into consideration the 3 most popular playmats in the following points.

1. Puzzle Mats

Puzzle mats are very popular and you’ve definitely seen one but don’t know it by its name. They are perfect for the babies in the phase of lodging their first steps. They look bright, colorful and are proven to provide visual enjoyment to the little ones. Puzzle mats are imprinted with letters, numbers, animals, and abstract shapes that promote early development in babies. Some puzzle mattings have pop-out puzzle shapes that serve as an interactive toy for toddlers.

2. Tummy Time Mats

Kids yet to learn how to walk, generally crawl on their tummies. Tummy Times mats are softer than regular rubber safety matting that provides a fun and safe surface for the kids to crawl on. The product comes with a padded bolster pillow that provides a smooth and soft crawling surface. Let the little ones crawl on the safety matting towatch them reaching and grabbing small toys. This strengthens the baby’s arm, neck, and tummy muscles.

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