5 Affordable Designer Ashtrays that Make a Great Gift

It is needless to say that smoking is injurious to health. However, you don’t need to be a smoker to own or give an ashtray to a friend. Designer ashtrays have always been a symbol of high status which are preserved in every household as a fancy decorative (if you do not intend to use one). These ashtrays come in an inclusive range of styles, from vintage to mobile ones. If you are brooding upon which gift you should choose for your smoker friend or a loved one, designer ashtrays never go out of trend.  

Ashtrays are highly beneficial and handy, thus, you can easily buy them for a close one on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and many more.

5 Designer Ashtrays that Make Amazing Gifts in 2022

Designer ashtrays have always been in demand since time immemorial. If your friend or loved one is a smoker or is strongly enthusiastic about vintage decoratives, you can refer to these 5 amazing ashtrays to choose the ideal gift for them.

1.   Round Diamond Glass Ashtray

This designer ashtray boasts of a simple yet appealing design. It is well-crafted with a high quality thick and heavy glass which gives it a strong base. The surface of this product is smooth and gleaming. It can hold up to four cigarettes in its depressions that prevent the cigarettes from dropping on the cinders, if not the table. The simplicity and utility factor of this ashtray makes it an ideal gift item.

2.   Drunk Skeletons Resin Ashtray

This product is made of traditional polyresin and has dimensions approx 11 cm x 10 cm x 7 cm. This designer product has an innovative and mysterious look. If you are fond of unique items and decoratives, this is the best choice. The design reflects the adept workmanship and a stylist theme which you can use in your home, lobby or even lodgings. This product will indeed draw appreciation and attention from your guests. Moreover, this extravagant piece will complement a Halloween Party.

3.   Raw Ash Catcher Mobile Ashtray

If you are planning to buy a usable gift item for your chain smoker friend, nothing can beat this product. This designer item from RAWis handy and shall protect your clothes and carpets from ashes and burn stains. You need to insert the cigarette butt in the catcher’s holder and smoke while its nylon body catches the ashes. It is heat resistant and has a flat base so you can cone it down at a stable point.

4.   Raw Cone Snuffer

This is another useful product from RAW that was skilfully crafted to make it easier for you to put out your cigarette. The best feature of this product is that you can save the unsmoked partials for later, preventing wastage. The reverse conical shape of this designer ashtray has a central hole, where you can dump your ashes. The base of the product has round tap points that are used to tap off the excess ash culminating in the ashtray. You can even get a bottom magnet for this metal ashtray.

5.   SlimJim Pocket Ashtray

Coming to the final product, the SlimJim pocket ashtray not only fulfills the purpose of an ashtray but also promotes responsible smoking. This little designer ashtray is portable and environment friendly. To use this product, you need to simply undo the snap button and escape the mess created by ashes. This product is highly affordable and is available in two-variants of style and color. Hence, if you are looking for a thoughtful gift item that would not drain your pockets, go for this one.

In conclusion, designer ashtrays are anyday better than fancy gift items that might not appeal to your smoker friend. From the above list of attractive products, you can pick one which suits your requirements and budget. You can pair up this gift with a pack of cigarettes from your friend or loved one’s favorite brand and surprise them on special occasions.

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